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5 Facts About Slot Machines You Probably Didn’t Know

Slot games have been around for many years. From the earliest days of land-based Poker machines to the modern-day online Slots – there are now a huge variety of games you can play online. Themed Slots like Fishin Frenzy the Big Catch and Rainbow Riches are just some of the titles we’re sure you’ve heard of.

But if you’re a fan of trying your chances on the reels – here are five slot machine facts you probably didn’t know!

The importance of a patent

The first slot machine to allow automated payouts was created in 1894 by Charles Augustus Fey. Called the Liberty Bell, this machine was a simplified version of its predecessor – the Poker machine – and featured three reels and five drums.

The machine proved wildly popular, but Fey didn’t apply for a patent. Because of this, other developers quickly created their own versions of the iconic machine – paving the way for the fruit machine era.

One armed bandits

You may have heard the nickname for players of land-based machines back in the day – but do you know why they were known as ‘one armed bandits’?

Well, before the introduction of electromechanical Slots in 1964, the machines were operated using a spring and lever mechanism. Pulling the lever would stretch the spring, which would set the reels in motion until it shrunk back to its usual size.

This action was a familiar site in gaming venues and is why players at the time were given such a nickname.

The first video slot

The first video slot was developed in 1976 by a Las Vegas-based company called Fortune Coin. But it gets better – the game used a modified 19-inch Sony TV for the display!

It was first made available to play in the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel, and after getting some cheat-proofing and modifications, it was approved by the Nevada State Gaming Commission, becoming a popular addition to the Las Vegas Strip.

Slot machines all sing in the same key

In a land-based venue, many of the slot games are sat together, playing tuneful melodies out loud. These songs may all vary based on the theme of the slot, but are all in the same key – C Major. This is known to be the ‘happiest’ key, so it makes sense that machine developers adopted it for their games.

The future of Slots

Not so much a fact, but an insight into what the future could hold for slot machine gaming…

With technology advancing at the speed of light, and gaming developers utilising this to create new game mechanics, graphics and features – we’re left wondering what’s next for Slots?

Well, it’s clear that land-based machines are here to stay – but with many incorporating technology into their design to allow for a choice of games at the same machine.

As for online Slots, the introduction of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) has already been seen across the online casino industry. As this gets incorporated into slot games, we can catch a glimpse of some of the developments waiting for us in the slot machine industry.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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