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New Year New You Giveaway

Everyone wants to ditch the gym at one point or the other in their life. Either it’s the timing you are not okay with, or the COVID hygiene factors that you are worried about. You might be looking for ways to set up your own home gym but you often fall short of funds.

But what if I tell you that you have a solid chance to get all the gym equipment that you have always wanted. DMoose is hosting the biggest giveaway ever that can land you high-quality gym equipment worth $5,000.

Enter the DMoose home gym giveaway to win premium, durable, high-quality equipment.

You can enter this giveaway simply with just your name and email address. There is no need to shop for a specific amount to register yourself for this competition. Sign up now and enter the biggest giveaway of the year!

The giveaway features top home gym equipment that will give you effective results once you use them. It includes a hex dumbbell set, kettlebell set, open barbell, regional barbell, bumper plates, power rack, incline decline bench, barbell and plate holder, dumbbell rack, and a $100 DMoose gift card.

Hex Dumbbells Set ($1499)

With Hex Dumbbells set, you can do multiple workouts to improve your cardiac health. Even after prolonged usage, you will not see any shape change in these dumbbells. These dumbbells have a hexagonal design that protects your floor from damage. You can effectively tone your body and build muscle by exercising these high-quality dumbbells.

Kettlebell Set ($1019)

Another surprise for you is the most versatile set of kettlebells, which will help you perform a dozen kettlebell-specific workouts. It is perfect gym equipment that you can utilize in your indoor and outdoor workouts. It specifically targets your core, arm, and leg muscles by assisting in exercises such as deadlifts, squats, lifting, and even arm swings.

Open and Regional Barbell ($500)

Our very new open barbell and the regional barbell are also a part of our giveaway so that you can easily do weightlifting exercises in the comfort and safety of your home. The regional barbell has excellent tensile strength, which will upgrade your lifting workouts. The barbells are made from high-duty material with an excellent tendency to bear the load.

Bumper Plates Set ($850)

You might be thinking, what’s the point of having a barbell if you do not have premium bumper plates? So, to make sure that you never miss a chance to work out at home, the giveaway also has a set of bumper plates ranging from 10lbs. to 45lbs. These plates are best to use for any Olympic barbell.

Power Rack ($799.99)

You should not be missing any of your weight training exercises, and so our power rack, which supports several exercises such as pull-ups, squats, and chin-ups, has also made it to our giveaway. The power rack can tolerate weight of up to 700 pounds. It also has plastic-lined J-cups and safety straps that you can adjust easily according to your height.

Incline Decline Bench ($349.99)

The bundle has got you covered when it comes to training while sitting on a bench. It has an incline decline bench which gives you a perfect gym environment and offers complete safety while lifting heavyweight. The bench is made from premium steel, which does not break, and the attached wheels allow you to move it anywhere easily.

Barbell and Plate Holder ($269.99)

When you have the most premium gym equipment, it is necessary to have a storage rack that prevents damage. So, we have included a barbell and plate holder so that you can organize and assemble your fitness gear. It takes up less space, and a plus point is that you can arrange your barbells and plates according to your preference.

Dumbbell Rack ($399.99)

So, you have dumbbells that you might need to step up your fitness game. But, you do not want them to be lying on the floor as this way your place might be a mess. However, the dumbbell rack is also here to save your day in our giveaway. When you have a neat gym space, you are likely to work out with more dedication, and that’s why we are giving durable dumbbell racks to you. This way, your home gym looks tidy and clean.

Gift Card ($100)

The $100 gift card will help you get your hands on the products you like from the DMoose store. So now you are getting all gym equipment, and a golden chance to shop more of the products you want sounds like a good deal. The card is valid for five years, and you can redeem it anytime you want.

With all this equipment, you can set your gym at your home. You can do multiple exercises with the help of this equipment. So, if you are ready to take all of this equipment to your home, do not miss the chance and enter the massive New Year New You Giveaway. Who knows, the lucky person might be you!

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Written by Marcus Richards

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