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What Are the Differences Between Beer Drip Tray with and without Rinser?

The arrangement of a bar is a complex and demanding challenge. There is a shedload of different details you should take into account. A beer drip tray is one of them. You may think that all is clear, but the variety of this item will surprise you. Hence, you need to hunt down this question. Let’s do it together. 

What Is the Purpose of a Beer Drip Tray?

When you pour out the beer into pilsner glasses, some drops can fall on the tabletop and make a puddle. To avoid extra cleaning, people created drip trays. Some of them also have such supplements as rinsers or glass clams. The main types of beer drip trays are the following:

  • Wall-mounted
  • Countertop
  • Cut-out
  • Platform

Drip trays can be made of various materials and have shiny or matte surfaces, intended for commercial or home bars. 

Cogent Benefits of Beer Drip Tray with Rinser

Glass rinser is a small but very useful adjunct. Most pre-built rinsers are located on the end of the drip tray. This helps to avoid drops of beer drying up into the rinser so it can function longer. What you can gain with the glass rinser:

  • Swill the glass before filling it out. 
  • Prevent foaming by cooling the glass.
  • Save the time of a barman on polishing and cooling glasses. 
  • Save money on extra soaps that the bartender must use.

Also, you will get all advantages of the beer drip tray as it is. 

However, we need to say that glass rinser, pre-mounted or added, is more needed for commercial pubs. That’s because most of the pros are nothing for home bars, maybe except for foam preventing. 

Finally, you can decide what you want and what you can afford. Beverage Craft is ready to comply with all your requests, even those needing customization.  

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Written by Marcus Richards

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