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6 Must-Visit New Orleans Bars (More Than Just Bourbon)

Tired of only hearing about bars on Bourbon Street? Your trip to New Orleans has so much more in store…

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#1 Tchoup Yard (21+)

This outdoor patio hotspot takes beer-gardening to a whole new level with a lively, dog-friendly atmosphere, 17+ beers on tap, food trucks, lawn games, and crunch wrap supremes (...this is no joke).

Who to bring: Friends or family

What to wear: Nothing too fancy

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#2 Monkey Board (21+)


This scenic rooftop bar is nestled in the heart of the Central Business District, making it just far enough from the rowdy French Quarter. Here, you may find yourself sipping on a classy cocktail while taking in the twinkling New Orleans skyline.

Who to bring: Work friends

What to wear: Something classy, but not too extra

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#3 Snake & Jake’s Christmas Club Lounge (21+)

You guessed it: a dive bar. Or should I say dive-shed? Don't come for a classy drink and definitely don't come before 2am. (Unless it's happy hour, of course, from 7-10pm.. EVERY DAY). But seriously, if you're ready for a good story the next day, stumble your way to the Christmas Club Lounge.

Who to bring: Definitely not your parents

What to wear: Jorts if you have them

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#5 Shamrock (21+)

This place is a Dave & Buster's for adults--and in the best way possible. You don't come to Shamrock for the chill atmosphere, you come for the weekend beer-pong tournaments, Monday specials ($2 Jameson shots, $2 PBR pints, $2/hr game rentals), eager sports fans, and sketchy ambiance. Join the fun.

Who to bring: Your fraternity brothers

What to wear: Sneakers are a plus

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#6 3090 (21+)

The picture says it all. Come by 3090 for the ultimate NOLA experience: all the Bourbon tourism without the tourists. Live jazz, strong drinks, and lots of dancing. Bring your friends here to impress them (and be sure to stop upstairs to hang out on the balcony overlooking the most LIT street in town: Frenchmen).

Who to bring: Anybody and everybody

What to wear: Something fun

When to go: Every night... especially Halloween

Find out more about this restaurant here.

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Written by Kelly Colligan