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9 Great Gifts For Beer Lovers

Read on and find something we’re confident you’ll surely love.

Beer, the natural ice breaker, starter of great conversations, a fantastic stress reliever. Beer has many benefits. Pop a can after a long day of work and you’re good to go. People love to drink beer, some more than others. So we made a list of some of the best gifts you can buy that relates to beer.  Some are creative, others for décor, and a few are functional to make the beer life easier.

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#1 Solid Maple Tapered Chalkboard Tap Handle

Why? Beer lovers can personalize this tap handle with a personal flair to match their unique brew. This sturdy handle is made of solid maple with a chalkboard application. The connector fits most standard tap attachments. Just grab a piece of chalk!

Contributor: Andrew Rainville from Maple Landmark

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#2 Solace Printed Beer Coaster

Why? This is the perfect coaster to set your favorite pint on. From man caves to coffee tables to dining room tables, this coaster can be used anywhere in the house! 

Contributor: Andrew Rainville from Maple Landmark

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#3 Beer Bottle Tie Clip

When they head out for a night on the town, beer lovers like to look their best. Help him add an extra touch of style when wearing a tie with this great conversation piece tie clip.

Priced at just $20 each, each tie clip is made of polished aluminum, made to snugly fit a medium thickness tie, and packaged in a black satin drawstring pouch. A beer tie clip is a fun gift that's sure to be appreciated!

Contributor: Kevin Coss from Kevin Coss Designs

#4 Beer School: A Crash Course in Craft Beer

An insider's guide to craft beer, the world's greatest drink! Since its invention 6,000 years ago, beer has come a long way. The legends of the craft beer industry have made sure everyone's within reach of great beer. But, how do you make sure you get your hands on the right brew? 

Can you learn how to make beer? Welcome to Beer School, brought to you by the heroes of the Craft Beer Channel, a guide to everything you need to know about the wide and wonderful beers of the world. In Beer School, we define and detail the finest artisan crafts, including ales, lagers, porters, stouts, and IPA beers. 

Plus, with the lowdown on everything from hop varieties and barrel aging, to serving temperatures and glassware, Beer School helps you learn how to make beer and get the best from every sip. 

Contributor: Christina McCall from Mango Publishing

#5 Fizzics DraftPour Beer Dispenser

The brand new DraftPour gives any size can or bottle regular beer that fresh draft taste! Using patented fluid dynamics and sound technology, the DraftPour converts natural carbonation into dense, compact micro-bubbles that improve the flavor, aroma and mouth-feel of any type beer, and creates a rich, creamy head without the need for gas cartridges -- just two AA batteries or a wall outlet and it can go anywhere you do!

Contributor: Martin Stein from Fizzics

#6 iThoughtful Unisex Golf Bag Shaped Beer Mug with Handle

From duffers to pros, there is no shortage of gifts out there for the golfer in your life. But, until now, there has never been one that combines the sport with the allure of the 19th hole in such a unique fashion as the Golf Beer Mug. 

Exactly what it sounds like, this is the world’s ONLY beer mug in the shape of a golf bag. Able to hold a full pint, dishwasher safe and guaranteed against breakage for a year, the Golf Beer Mug is available in clear or frosted — with a flat front surface designed for customization — and is the perfect present for anyone who holds a putter. 

Contributor: Martin Stein from iThoughtful

#8 Brooklyn Brew Shop Everyday IPA Beer Making Kit

As a craft beer connoisseur, I have always loved beer but the thought of actually brewing it terrified me. I received this kit as a Christmas present one year and it changed my life. It has super easy to follow instructions and all the equipment you need. 

The best part about it is you don't need space to brew beer with this! Trust me, I live in a cubical sized New York apartment and I have plenty of room. You can also buy cheap beer mixes to keep brewing with the same equipment so it's the gift that keeps on giving. 

Contributor: Cameron Papp from SportsStadiumFood

#9 uKeg 64 oz Pressurized Growler for Craft Beer

Into the beer growler game? Hate when your craft beer literally goes flat and tastes gnarly within 12 hours of opening? Snag a look at this 64 ounce, vacuum insulated, self-carbonating growler. Cold all day long? Genius. Take it practically anywhere you won't get instantly arrested. And leave your clunky cooler at home, friend. This beer lover's gift is next level. 

Contributor: Austin Alvarez from BuildingOurRez

#13 Twang Michelada Especial Beer Salt

Beer Salt is a citrus flavored salt used to dress the rim of longnecks and beer mugs. Beer lovers can just sprinkle this product onto his bottle, can or mug, and take the convenient pocket-sized mini beer bottle with him wherever he goes to add flavor and fun to backyard barbecues, fishing trips and more. 

Contributor: Kelly Hughes from Giant Noise

#14 Trinken Lid and Collapsible Cup

These Ultimate Stealth Koozie has been a super popular and affordable holiday gift for travellers and beer lovers over the past couple of years, but one thing people have always asked for is one that can hold tall cans. 

Now finally for this holiday season we have a new version out that can fit tall, short skinny or even cannette cans. The Trinken Lid and Collapsible cup is the only koozie that fits all these types, fits in a pocket and keeps things discrete!

Contributor: Jerry McArthur from Trinken Store

#15 Christmas Themed 6 Pack Greeting Card Beer Carriers

These festive beer carriers come in sets of four and feature a dedicated writing space where you can leave personalized notes. The holiday beer carriers let you assemble six craft beers of your choice so you can give a customized six pack to your lucky friend. 

Two ice blue “It’s a wonderful time for a beer” carriers and two black and gold carriers that convey a sophisticated, modern style. 

Two festive red and green flannel “Beer-y Christmas” carriers and Two classic red, white, and blue carriers that hearkens back to old Americana. 

Contributor: Keri Rhodes from Big Betty

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Written by Ben Skute