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How to Maximize Your Online Slots Experience

Winning consistently at slots is hard to do. Slots are one of the most random prize-winning experiences in online gambling but they can also be one of the most lucrative ways to make back your bet. There are some tried and true strategies that result in a better win ratio when playing online free slots and experienced players use them to maximize their play.

If you enjoy online slots but are frustrated with your win ratio, our list of tips and tricks will help you to play your best and have the most fun while also winning back your original bet and then some!

How to Maximize Your Online Slots Experience

First of all, it is good to know that slots are not a strategy game. Knowledge about how slot machines are made and how they are played is essential to making good decisions while you are playing.

  1. Choose the Right Slots: No two slot machines are the same. Even slots with the same name and made by the same company are going to behave in unique ways. Each slot will have its own unique RTP(return to player) ratio. It is a good rule of thumb to go with the slot that offers a high RTP rate.
  2. Play Progressive Slots: Progressive slots have the highest RTP of any slots out there. Jackpots on these games can reach millions. You might be the lucky person to take your turn and win the prize that has been building for days or even weeks. The downside to progressive slots is that they are often pricey and require larger bets to seek the jackpot.
  3. Check Out Pay Tables: Many slots will have public pay tables that you can review to see how they assign values to symbols and what the jackpots are for the game. You can also find out the frequency of bonus rounds and other useful information that will help you decide if this is the right game for you or not.
  4. Manage Your Bets: Slots come in many denominations. You can wager pennies or thousands depending on how the slot is designed. You will usually win more back if you bet more and often progressive slots will be the most expensive to bet on but have the best payouts. Remembering to manage your bankroll is important. You will not win a major jackpot most of the time if you cannot afford to play for long enough. If you donā€™t have the cash in reserve to play for large amounts, play penny slots instead.
  5. Play Slots That Offer Bonuses: Bonuses can be a great addition to your slot play. They offer additional value in winnings and often are fun and whimsical play experiences that make slots even more enjoyable. Bonuses can also help you to get major payouts if you hit enough of them in a session.
  6. Remember that Smaller Jackpots can Add Up: If the larger bets are out of your reach, for now, remember that smaller jackpots are still won and that they can add up to a sum of money at the end of the day. Even if you are not winning a historically large amount, you are going to be winning back more than you bet if you are strategic.
  7. If You Are Playing for Fun, Have Fun: Lastly, remember that if your intent is to play for fun, you should stop playing if you are not having fun. Slots are often the most interactive and enjoyable casino games but they can lead to angst and frustration if they are played for the wrong reasons. If you are playing to have fun then remember to keep that in mind when you are in a losing streak. Stepping back from a game is just fine if you think that you are playing for the wrong reasons.

Slots are just as much fun online as they are in real life and they offer some of the best play experiences that gambling can give you. If you are wanting to have a fun play experience without having to learn a bunch of rules and tricks, slots are the perfect choice for you! These tips and tricks will help you to get your play experience on track before you start playing and you will be glad that you know a few of the insider tips and tricks before you get frustrated by making mistakes. Remember to play smart and have fun!

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Written by Marcus Richards

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