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Are Online Slots Welcome Bonuses Responsible For The Popularity Of Some Games?

Welcome bonuses are a large part of any player’s online casino experience, but some question whether they are responsible for the popularity of some games – play online slots now.

What is a welcome bonus?

A welcome bonus is a type of bonus which is typically offered to brand new online casino customers. It is used as an incentive, to try and attract brand new players to join up with a particular casino site. Due to this, the welcome bonus is usually very lucrative and generous. Often, online casinos will compete with each other to try and offer the best welcome bonus. A good welcome bonus isn’t always a sign that the casino will be good, so players should do their research before agreeing to sign up to any casino. There is no doubt that some welcome bonuses have increased the popularity of the games they have been attributed to.

Best Online Slot Welcome Bonuses

When researching which online casino to join up with, a player may be taken aback by the various welcome bonuses on offer. There are a wide variety of welcome bonuses out there.

  1. No deposit bonus. One of the most popular welcome bonuses there is, the no deposit bonus is especially lucrative. This bonus essentially means that players won’t have to deposit anything in order to be eligible for the bonus. Players should be aware that this bonus is rare and even when it is offered, players should look over the terms and conditions first.
  2. Matched deposit. This bonus is when the casino promises to match whatever you deposit up to a certain amount. For instance, if the casino promises to match your deposit up to 50% and the player deposits £100, the overall deposit for the player will be £150!
  3. Free spins. The most common welcome bonus, free spins are always a welcome gift for players. Though they may not seem as lucrative as other bonuses initially, when used wisely a free spins bonus can be incredibly beneficial for players.

What makes a Good Welcome Bonus?

The old adage if it’s too good to be true then it probably is can be applied to online casino bonuses. Players should always double check the terms and conditions of any bonus they hope to receive. As there are so many different welcome bonuses to choose from, there are several qualities which players should look for in a welcome bonus.

No hidden caveats. When looking at the terms and conditions, players will often find that online casinos have hidden a tight wagering requirement. However, there are some welcome bonuses which are generous in both their offer and wagering requirement.

It is possible to win some cash while using the bonus. In theory, it is always possible for the player to win while using a welcome bonus. However, this is often incredibly unlikely due to casinos making these bonuses only eligible on slots with low odds. When a casino offers a bonus on a slot with good odds, this is a good sign.


While welcome bonuses aren’t the sole reason for some slots’ popularity, it cannot be denied that they have helped massively in some cases.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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