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What Can the Software Industry Look Forward to in 2020?

Software trends keep changing with every upcoming year and the integrated technologies keep upgrading. It is important to stay informed about the upcoming trends and technologies in the software development domain to make sure that your business solutions are future proof.

Assimilating advanced and updated technology in whatever business solution you utilize ensures that your platform stays competitive and your business can retrieve the benefits of the technology to the maximum. It’s the sole responsibility of your software development services partner to ensure updated technology implementation in your business premises.

Now let’s move to the most influential software trends that will dominate the digital arena in 2020.

Intense Internet of Things Implementation

Each New Year brings along dozens of devices that can be connected to the Internet to simplify various tasks. IoT is not just limited to the business arena; it has spread to home devices too with the introduction of smart devices such as smart refrigerators, smart thermostats, smart assistants, etc. Now when we are moving to 2020, get ready to experience more connected devices that will make lives easier and simplify even the most complex business operations.

IoT devices will take a huge leap forward in the year 2020 and this will increase demand for responsive IoT software apps to a great extent.

Artificial Intelligence will Continue to Thrive Industries

Yes, you heard it right! A lot of advancement has been seen in the digital area with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI), it’s becoming an everyday topic. AI software development services and solutions are growing faster in the global market and will continue to grow at a remarkable pace.

Artificial intelligence is no more a trend; it has become a thriving force that will take the digital arena to the next level. Undoubtedly, the technology will continue to pave the way towards prescriptive advancement through 2020.

Progressive Web Apps- a new Digital Trend

Progressive Web Apps is a web application integrated with advanced and updated web capabilities. These apps are deployed to Servers, can be indexed by the search engine, and are accessible through URLs. To be considered as PWA, the app has to be progressive, responsive, fresh, discoverable, connectivity independent, safe, re-engageable, linkable and installable.

All these attributes ensure quality apps and top-notch customer experience. The development of PWA requires innovative software development and technology advancement. Software development services must match all these standards while developing PWA apps.

Mixed Reality is the Next Big Thing

Developers and marketers across the globe are focused on building immersive experience. The idea behind this technology is the amalgamation of virtual reality with the user’s presence. The technology possesses great potential to make the world realize its existence at a noticeable scale in the development of web and mobile apps.

The technology is expected to mark 2020 as there will be more apps in the upcoming year that would demand customer interaction with the product.

Next-Gen Event-Driven Apps

Event programming is not associated to a programming language or any sort of technology, instead, it represents a strategy that can be utilized by software development services providers to keep the pace as it responds and reacts to user actions. It also responds to system, programs or mouse clicks.

Advanced technologies like IoT or Artificial Intelligence will contribute to event-driven coding and make it successful and influential in product development.

Outsourcing for the Experience Economy

In 2020, customer experience will play as a key brand differentiator as it will overtake product and pricing. Experience will become a decisive objective for various industries, particularly for the software domain. Experience economy will open new pathways for business opportunities. Undoubtedly, the entire software development services, techniques, and trends will experience a change to some extent.

Given the speed of change in software trends and technologies, 2020 will be more than the trends mentioned above. These software trends will definitely play a significant role in the upcoming year as they are not just trends, but a revolution that will mark a huge transformation in 2020.


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Written by Marcus Richards

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