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Hemp Oil Benefits

Hemp oil is a medical supplement gaining more popularity. Proponents of the hemp oil product use hear-say evidence to claim that the oil has remedial benefits. They also claim it can be used to relieve skin infections. They also believe it is helpful in treating cancer and also stunts the progress of other diseases. However, some of these claims have no clinical evidence backing them. However, data advocates to the significance of hemp oil in relieving some certain health conditions. This is because of some of its contents such as omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids which are known to help the body in many ways.

Fatty acids, are gotten from the food we consume, and are very necessary for the proper movement and function of our bodies. Hemp oil has almost eighty percent omega 3 and 6 acids and is believed to contain the best nutritional ratio. Hemp oil is also a very rich source of GLA which is a variant of the omega- 6 fatty acid.

Hemp oil and inflammation

Research has it that the addition of omega- 3 types, such as the hemp oil variants to diet can significantly reduce the inflammation of the body. Inflammation of the human body could lead to cancer and cardiovascular disease. This is one benefit of hemp oil you cannot miss in a hurry.

Hemp oil and skin disorders

Studies have pointed to the importance of the omega- 3 and omega- 6 which are contained in hemp oil and the effect in relief and treatment of some skin conditions, which include:

Acne: A recent study came to the conclusion that hemp oils are powerful in the treatment of acne conditions and are possibly viable general treatment medication for acne. The report from the study also states that there are a number of areas that need to be looked at to increase the benefits of hemp oil in treating acne.

Eczema: Another study has also revealed the benefits of hemp oil in the relief of eczema. This study made the conclusion that hemp oils in diets made the symptoms of eczema reduce considerably.

Psoriasis: Another recent study has also pointed to omega- 3, as a supplement for nutrition, which may provide benefits in treating psoriasis. The study also proposes that hemp oil could be used alongside other vitamins and methods to combat the psoriasis skin infection.

Lichen planus. A recent article suggests that the use of hemp oil also stretches to the treatment of skin inflammation. It can also treat the ailment lichen planus. The article also proposes that hemp oil can be used to make the skin stronger and also provide resistance to bacteriological infections.

Hemp oil, menopause and PMS

A research study proposes that the symptoms which accompany pre-menstrual syndrome are caused by hormonal sensitivities and may be related to a hormone-substitute deficiency. The hormone-substitute is called prostaglandin and is needed to respond to the hormonal changes that come along with the menstrual cycle. Hemp oil provides ample assistance in the creation of adequate prostaglandin. This is possible through the GLA (gammalinolenic acid) content of the hemp oil. The study also confirmed that women who experience PMS and took a gram of some polyunsaturated acids which had some amount of GLA had a visible reduction in the symptoms they experienced.


A study on rodents points to the assertion that hemp seeds help in protecting against the complications associated with menopause. This may be as a result of its high GLA content.

Hemp oils as an antibacterial agent

There is evidence that hemp oil has some anti- bacterial properties which combat the activities of a host of bacterial organisms, such as Bacillus or Staphylococcus aureus. Staphylococcus aureusis is a harmful bacteria that is notorious for causing skin infections, bone infections, heart valve infections and pneumonia.

Other benefits that are still contested

There are also a wide range of benefits that have been put forward but may be lacking enough evidence to rate it as fact. There are reports that hemp oil can be effective in treating anorexia- which is an eating disorder. There are also reports that hemp oil can be used in the treatment of glaucoma- an eye disorder which negatively affects vision, and also migraine- which is characterised by a recurrent headache. There are also reports that the use of hemp oil and other products rich in cannabinol helps in relieving the symptoms of ailments which are rare, such as Tourette’s syndrome. These reports are regarded as low-quality because they were either carried out with a small sample size or lack enough clinical evidence.

Is the hemp oil weed?

It is necessary to note that weed and hemp, which we classify as marijuana, are varieties of Cannabis. Hemp oil is gotten from pressing the ripe seeds of the hemp plant. It is necessary to also note that these plants have little to no tetra-hydro-cannabidol content, which is the compound responsible for the psychotropic reactions felt from smoking weed. Apart from having a rich amount of fatty acids, hemp oil has a good content of vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients for the body. It can be taken by ingestion or applying to your skin.


We have seen here that hemp oil is popular and is also backed by research to provide numerous health benefits, it is still necessary for you to get medical advice before applying the oil to your body or consuming it as a health supplement. Your medical expert will provide you the information you need to understand how hemp oil may affect your health. You must also note that it may interfere with other medications that are prescribed.

From the information we have seen above, we can say that the use of hemp oil has some notable benefits, and there are still other benefits that are not yet discovered or lack enough supportive evidence. One thing is sure, that as the hemp oil continues to gain acceptance and popularity, more benefits will continue being unearthed.


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Written by Marcus Richards

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