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People, pleasure, happiness, fun, family, friends, love, party! What comes in our mind? This is life right? Is this so easy to achieve such life? If yes, then why some say, life is not a bed of roses and even some more say life is a bed of throne? Is it so? Another version is life is what we make it. What is the truth?

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Just for a second, visualize life, health, happiness and age of our forefathers! May be poor or moderate lifestyle or living standards but simple, healthy, happy and what an age they enjoyed, average age used to be 70-90 years and even 100 plus. Is it not a dream of a today’s generation? Can we buy such life? If not what takes to be healthy, happy and living long and good life?

Good living depends on good body, soul, mind and heart! Life at present is high tech yet an artificial life. Nothing is pure. Is it true that there is no purity or can be said, purity is bit expensive? This seems to be a simple difference between present and past generations. They were not mindful or supposed to do extras what we have to, live in hustle and bustle of today world. It is really a need of time to maintain our self, our body, soul, mind and heart. Generation of our forefathers, life to go with the flow, free from all worries. Today’s life is more complex. We are drivers of our life. We have a choice to make it and break it for our family and friends.

Achieving better coordination of body, soul, mind and heart is what is described as healthy life? Relaxed body, peaceful soul, focused mind and happy heart have always been a million-dollar question. For a relaxed body, full-day muscles contraction, body movement, hard work to sweat and get tired is needed and then at day end be relaxed. Meditate for peaceful mind able to generate more results. Stress free body, controlling mind which does not leaves any thought unattended raises a sense of day’s achievement. Heart is happy when it sees, body, soul and mind working together. This coordination of all four is not automatic.

Higher the life standards, higher the goals and higher the goals higher the efforts – true right? High standards of life needs high maintenance. We are lucky to be in an era of awareness and social medial.

No worries of tiredness and stress in presence of organic food, organic medicines and regular use pure CBD oils. This keeps health at the top of everything. Pure CBD oil is extracted exclusively from hempseed with no THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is psychoactive component. CBD oil uses leaves, flowers and stalks of hemp plant which is ultimate purity. CBD oil is particularly effective for skin due to organic product formulation. It is good as moisturizer in preventing dry skin, soothing inflammation, using as anti-aging formula and treating Dermatitis as well as to release pain, stress and laziness.

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“Farm Bill List -2018” provides every part of hemp plant produces hemp or CBD oil which is organic. It produces endocannabinoids functioning as neurotransmitters to bind cannabinoid receptors in nervous system. Research proves organic CBD oil reduces chronic pain while impacting these receptors, reduces inflammation and interacts with neurotransmitters.

Like fruits and vegetables are easily available in local markets, pure CBD oils are easily available online globally but always consider quality, extraction process, history of supplier/seller and brand name which make it reliable. CBD oil are certified organic oil prepared on higher standards versus non-organic product which carries lot of side effects.

The truth is life is what we make it! Our efforts, direction, preparedness, willingness or passion, discipline, strengths all keep us on track. In simple one line, well directed passionate life achieves it all.

Present era of tech advancement, new ways of living, new ways of learning can easily be matched with the life of our forefathers! Young generation is more aware of their life. What is important for being alive is the capacity to buy a good quality of life or purity which is essential for life. This is possible by keeping ourselves fit both physically and mentally.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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