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Three Wonder CBD Products

1. CBD Oil

It’s hard to know where to begin in praising this wonder product and all its versatility. Reakiro full spectrum CBD oil does justice to all the greatness of the hemp plant. Extracted from industrial hemp grown in specifically chosen fields across Europe, this CBD is full of nature’s benefits. Available in four dosages you can tailor your CBD intake to your personal routine. This product has no psychoactive effects. For some people simply popping 3-6 drops under the tongue is the perfect start to the day, quick and simple. However, others have got a little more creative with their CBD oil – adding it to hot beverages and incorporating it into recipes.

Reakiro CBD oil comes in a 10ml apothecary-style glass bottle which looks great in your medicine cabinet, but can also be easily be carried on the go.

2. CBD Capsules

These capsules make taking CBD easier than ever before. For many people taking CBD seems inaccessible, as the mainstream options are usually CBD oil or vape. Whilst these options (oil and vape) are very attractive for those in the CBD community, it is important that the natural benefits of cannabis are available to all.

Reakiro CBD capsules contain the same 15mg of CBD (the daily recommended dosage) in every capsule. This makes taking CBD quick and convenient, just like a daily vitamin. For those who aren’t so keen on the natural hempy taste of CBD oil, this is a fantastic solution. Bottles are available with either 30 or 60 capsules, which will easily see you through at least a month. The design of this easy-to-carry bottle is also ideal for travelling and taking CBD on the go!

3. RxPen – Raw Hemp Extract Pen

The RxPen delivers CBD in its closest-to-nature form, via raw hemp extract. This extract contains all the cannabinoids found present in hemp and also the naturally occurring terpenes and flavonoids. The consistency of the extract has a really natural feel to it, a paste-like substance makes you believe that it may have been freshly extracted that day!

When it comes to reviewing the CBD RxPen we must praise the design of this product. The tagline reads “one click, one serving”, and it really is that simple – no more worrying about having to control and measure your dosage. The pen is vacuum sealed so that the raw hemp extract will not be oxidised or contaminated, keeping it fresh as the day it was made. A final stand out point for this product is the multi-user design; straightforward and easily washable parts of the pen means that you don’t have to keep the RxPen all to yourself – but we couldn’t blame you if you did!

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Written by Nat Sauteed

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  1. I and my wife use and obtain the amazing benefits of the pure hemp extract. We have seen the benefits first hand, regarding sleep patterns, well being, relaxed about fear of flying. Help with joints that help trigger finger. Yes they really work for us. Of course the only way for you to secure and utilise these wonderful purely natural benefits is to try for yourself. It’s perfectly natural, in my opinion as I have found personally there is nothing to loose and everything to gain.
    Together with heathy diet over the last 8 months people are telling me they never saw me looking so flat, meaning I went from 94 to 82 kilos. Fact of the matter is I think I had the winning combination of natural resources at its best. Yes I would recommend i use both the capsules and the measured dose pen. This suits my life style perfectly.
    Well done Reakiro products.n

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