Feel Alive by Ralph Smart

Feel Alive by Ralph Smart

“The time has come on the planet to live free and in abundance. Many of us live, but how many feel alive?”

One of many profound statements/questions asked by Alchemist and Psychologist Ralph Smart, in his self-help book.

Ralph, also a Counselor, Life Coach, Relationship Guide, creator of popular YouTube channel Infinite Waters and most importantly an infinite being, is on a mission to inspire people to become the best version of themselves. He informs that we are made up of the same fabric as the universe; he encourages having fun, and returning to our inner child, to raise our frequency and “Feel Alive”.

As a fairly new reader to self-help books, I would say that its 13 short chapters, and 3 bonus, (perfect for short attention spans and people in a hurry), is a good place to start for self-help and spiritual guidance. Ralph lightly introduces, thought-provoking topics, backed by scientific research, such as mind control and transference of energy. He presents this content compassionately, clearly, and sparked my interest for further reading.

Amongst others, one concept he talks about that I found intriguing, was that food contains information from the cosmos. One method to raise our frequency is to eat more plant-based food, so information can be passed onto us. The experience animals have at the time they’re killed for human consumption, is energy passed onto us. Dr Emoto studied the molecular structure of water, and confirmed that information is stored in water, blood contains water. As a meat eater, this made me think about how the meat I eat is being handled. Deep stuff!

Anyway, a couple of things did put me off whilst reading; I spotted a couple of typos  Also, occasionally throughout the book, Ralph reminded me of a very excited person, that couldn’t wait to get all his words out; within chapters he jumps between sub-topics; some of the paragraphs could have done with a bit more transition and flow. He does repeat the odd statement now and then, possibly to drive the message home as he does so in different contexts. However, none of this really takes away from an overall good reading experience to be fair 🙂

I think this book comes at a time when, many of us are open to learning about these sorts of subjects. If you’re thinking about how you spend your time on earth, and could do with a couple of pointers on how to make the most of it, this book can be your friend. It will get you to see how, what goes on in your head, creates the world you experience; it has definitely done so for me.

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Written by Lorraine