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The Office Worker’s Guide To Keeping Fit And Staying Healthy

No one means to spend a full workday seated in front of a screen, but that is sometimes the reality of a busy life and busier job. Keeping fit and healthy in a sedentary job is not impossible, but you will have to take some steps toward achieving it. Today we are going to cover some tips and exercises that will get office workers more active and less likely to feel tired and sore after the workweek is over.

Consider a standing desk

Standing desks are no passing phase. This is why most modern offices and designers will work with a quality standing desk from ​​ so that they can be engrossed in work without having to worry about hunching or placing too much pressure on the lower back. When we stand, our spine is straighter and the hips are in a neutral position. You are also less likely to feel fatigued if you are on your feet, and can stretch more easily which is essential when working.

Stay hydrated

It’s incredible how simply having a water bottle on your desk will encourage hydration, and without one, you will easily let a day pass without having any liquids. Get into the habit of filling a water bottle and having it in view during the day, as this is going to assist your health and wellbeing in so many ways. There are some hydration apps that can emit a gong noise or vibrate to prompt you to have a drink of water, or you can even do it the old fashion way and put up a post-it note on your screen.

Incorporate movement

Think about your workday and see if there are times you can incorporate some movement. Ideally, a walk around the block would be great, but maybe that is not feasible for your job or workplace. You could try and take a longer route to the bathroom or the entry and exit points of the building, as these incremental steps can make you feel more energised and get the heart rate pumping. You might even be able to get away with doing some low impact exercises at your desk, like raising and lowering your legs, standing to squat and lunge and stretching out your joints.

Rethink your lunch options

If you are like most people, then your work lunches could do with some inspiration. If you are someone who buys lunches each day – then you absolutely need to rethink this option. Not only does this cost a fortune, but the portion sizes of bought meals are often bigger than is required and they aren’t always made around slow-burning energy and addressing your health needs. Start slow if you need to and bring some fruit or healthy snacks, and then try your hand at some easy-to-make healthy lunches on certain days until you are doing it each day. There are cookbooks for quick healthy meals, so don’t think you have to channel Nigella to get the job done.

Make it an office activity

If you are feeling like you want to improve your health and fitness, then chances are many are in the same boat at your workplace. It might be an idea to chat with your colleagues and see if you can all commit to a lunchtime walk, a step challenge, healthy snack rotations and even putting money together to organise a fruit box for the office. By setting a standard in the office, you will be less likely to succumb to bad habits and you can keep each other accountable and inspired.

They say it takes two weeks to change a habit, so start today for a healthier future and make changes as you go until you are happy with the balance. At the end of each week, you can assess what did and did not work and approach Monday with a clean slate and new goals.

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