10 Clever Road Trip Tips and Tricks for Spring Break

With the full effect of winter setting in, many of us find ourselves daydreaming about warmer temperatures, bright sunshine, and colorful foliage. Thankfully, spring is only a few months away, and spring break is the perfect excuse to get out and explore. Whether you’re looking forward to driving to a tropical destination or somewhere close to home, we’ve got some road trip tips and tricks to help your adventure go as smoothly as possible.

10 Clever Road Trip Tips and Tricks

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Check your route for tolls

While it may seem obvious, it’s easy to forget about tolls when you’re so focused on your impending vacation. Pick up a transponder for tolls in your immediate area and be sure to bring along plenty of cash. TollSmart is a great Android and iOS app that can point out where tolls are and how much they’ll cost. Google Maps can help you choose routes that avoid tolls, too.


Pick up a multi-port car phone charger

Just thinking about dead batteries on your cell phone or your kid’s tablets is enough to cause anxiety. Grab a multi-port car charger to ensure that everyone’s devices have enough juice to last the whole trip.


Find out what’s on the way

Whether you ask a local or do some research ahead of time, you can add plenty of memorable experiences (and much-needed breaks) by finding scenic overlooks, must-see attractions, and other stops along the way.


Get your car serviced

If you have your car serviced before you leave, you minimize the possibility of it breaking down. It’s crucial that you change your oil, fill and rotate your ties, and check your battery, brakes, and engine before you hit the road.


Pack an emergency kit

An emergency kit will alleviate some anxiety and help you stay prepared. Kits can include Band-Aids, water bottles, snacks, a battery charger, first-aid supplies, Benadryl, stomach relief tablets, and even a blanket or two.


Download a few helpful apps

Get the most out of your drive with some helpful apps, such as iExit, Waze, GasBuddy, and RoadTrippers.


Tie a few dryer sheets to your sun visors

While many of us love automotive air fresheners, their scents can be intense and lead to headaches on long drives. Swap them with a few dryer sheets to keep the freshness without the overwhelming smell.


Pack non-essential items first

Avoid the frustration of digging through a perfectly packed car for something you really need by packing non-essential items first. This way, you’ll have the times you’ll really need—like maps, purses, and cameras—easily within reach.


Bring along nourishing food and beverages

Keep hydrated with a refillable water bottle to prevent crankiness and headaches. Snacking on nutritious foods can like carrots, grapes, and nuts can help stabilize digestion and blood sugar levels.


Bring along a spare battery for your key fob

Cell phones and tablets aren’t the only devices that can lose battery power. Key fob batteries also die, potentially locking you out of your car and setting you behind schedule while you wait for a locksmith. Prevent this hassle by bringing along an extra key fob battery.

From ensuring you have enough money for tolls (here are some simple tips to save money for this often overlooked expense) to bringing along a spare battery for your key fob, we hope this list of road trip tips and tricks helps you have the best spring break possible.

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Written by Logan Voss

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