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The 50+ Most Amazing Travel Blogs

Get to know the best travel destinations.

Traveling is a human necessity, hands-down, just going out there and seeing how many beautiful sights the world has to offer, cultures to explore, people to know, places to go and explore is enriching to your spirit, to say the least.

But there is only one problem that even the most seasoned travelers face constantly: Where to go next? The best answer for it lies in another traveler’s experiences and adventures, let them tell you themselves all about those places you are unsure about as your next destination through their own words by reading the best travel blogs.

#1 Finding The Universe

The Finding the Universe Content recommended by Laurence Norah.

Live since 2010, Finding the Universe consistently provides high quality travel advice accompanied by beautiful imagery. Site owners Laurence and Jessica Norah blog about their travels full time, providing detailed and independent travel advice to their readers. Laurence is also a professional photographer whose award-winning photos have appeared on sites including CNN, National Geographic, the BBC, and many more.

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#2 Just Can’t Settle

The Just Can't Settle Content recommended by Tabby Farrar.

This travel blog has an emphasis on sustainable travel and vegan foodie global adventures, so it’s not your average travel site. Posts include travel guides and tips for destinations all over the world, written for backpackers who want to travel cheaply while still feeling a little luxe and still looking after the planet.

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#3 Wanderlust And Wet Wipes

The Wanderlust and Wet Wipes Content recommended by Emma Morrell.

It’s all about adventurous family travel with an honest angle – I don’t gloss over the tricky bits! On the blog you will find a mixture of destination specific guides alongside more general guides for dealing with everything from planning to holiday illnesses to picky eaters. It is especially great to read if you live abroad as I also write about my expat experiences and I’m passionate about empowering mums of third culture kids.

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#4 The Journal, Ker & Downey® Africa

The The Journal, Ker & Downey® Africa Content recommended by Lindsay Krause.

In need of a dose of travel inspiration? Fret not, Ker & Downey® Africa offers expert travel reads on their award-winning Journal. Based in Cape Town, South Africa Ker & Downey® Africa’s Journal ensures that you’re always in the loop when it comes to African travel.

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#5 The Budget Safari Blog

The The Budget Safari Blog Content recommended by Landia Davies.

The latest on travelling Africa the way it should be travelled – on a shoestring. Here lie tales of budget travel heroism, up to the minute travel news and despatches from tents on the front line of the safari dream. Our blogs are curated specifically for people wishing to visit the African content and do it without breaking the bank.

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#6 Career Gappers

The Career Gappers Content recommended by Alex Trembath.

Career Gappers is a blog that is dedicated to inspiring and helping people to take travel career breaks. It promotes the benefits of taking extended time off work to travel, both to individuals and businesses, and provides practical advice on how to plan a career break adventure. The blog is created by Alex and Lisa, a couple from the UK who had a transformational experience on their own travel career break.

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#7 Euro Travel Coach

The Euro Travel Coach Content recommended by Betsy Ball.

Euro Travel Coach is written by European experts, living in Europe and traveling full time in Europe. The blog includes European travel trips and insight from our full time travels since retirement and while living in the UK as an expat. We extend our travel budget through WWOOF, Workaway and Trusted Housesitters. We have a travel company and create custom itineraries and lead small group trips. Our blog includes recommendations and stories from our extensive travels in Europe.

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#8 Lifepart2

The LifePart2 Content recommended by Jonathan Look, Jr..

Retired travelers Jonathan Look, Jr. and Sarah Wilson travel the world in search of adventure, great food and good times. Through Sarah’s hilarious take on the world and Jonathan’s amazing photography, they capture what it is really being on the ground in exotic places. Along the way Jonathan explains the joys of living retirement as an adventure and Sarah tells stories of adapting to their new homes, with Thai their street dog rescue, in constantly changing locales.

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#9 Dauntless Jaunter

The Dauntless Jaunter Content recommended by Christian Eilers.

The Dauntless Jaunter Travel Site is committed to promoting socially-conscious, culturally-aware, educational, and enlightening sort of travel, as well as the importance and lifelong value of such travel. We believe that traveling to lands, distant or otherwise, can only better a person, particularly when there is a level of immersion into the local people and their cultures, traditions, cuisine, history, and language.

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#10 A World To Travel

The A World to Travel Content recommended by Inma Gregorio.

After studying, volunteering and working their way around the world; the young Spanish couple Inma Gregorio and Jose Martinez launched the highly visual travel and lifestyle website A World to Travel in 2012 to share their unique experiences around the world, passion for festivals, the great outdoors and all things sustainable travel. They have been featured in some of the world’s largest print and TV media including the BBC, National Geographic, Lonely Planet and many more. In addition, they collaborate with other great travel outlets on a regular basis. More recently A World to Travel has been awarded as the most responsible travel blog of the year.

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#11 Charlie On Travel

The Charlie on Travel Content recommended by Charlie Marchant.

Charlie on Travel is a leading UK travel blog about green and eco-friendly travel. Charlie writes destination guides and advice articles on being a more responsible traveller.

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#12 Against The Compass

The Against the Compass Content recommended by Joan Torres.

Against the Compass is an adventure travel blog about destinations off the beaten track, a blog that provides with very detailed (and continuously updated) travel guides and practical information to countries like Syria, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Sudan and a large etcetera.

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#13 Mostly Amelie

The Mostly Amelie Content recommended by Amelie Gagne.

Amélie is the hungry and adventurous content creator behind Mostly Amélie. Mostly Amélie is an inspirational blog focused on health-minded vegan travel with an emphasis on yoga and her inner journey at large. Her aim is to inspire others to push their own limits and be fearless. Follow her as she navigates this crazy world and things don’t always go according to plan. Some of the crazy things she’s done include cycling halfway around the world alone, spending 10 days in silence in a Buddhist temple, diving 20 meters down in the ocean on a single breath hold and spending a full 2 years completely homeless in South East Asia.

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#14 Adios Adventure Travel

The Adios Adventure Travel Content recommended by Jacquie Whitt.

For people who are looking for accurate and up to date information about travel to Machu Picchu, my blog has the most information. Although I live in the US, I am in touch daily with our guides in Cusco who keep me updated regarding the trends and news from Machu Picchu, Cusco and other spots Peru.

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#15 Mccool Travel

The McCool Travel Content recommended by Charles McCool.

McCool Travel focuses on cool, happy, and fun travel, inspiring people to explore the world.

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#16 Visiting The Dutch Countryside

The Visiting The Dutch Countryside Content recommended by Manon van Schagen.

Discover the most beautiful offbeat places to visit in The Netherlands with a born and raised Dutch local. Visiting The Dutch Countryside is a travel blog about The Netherlands. With this travel blog, you will explore this beautiful country beyond the crowds.

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#17 Topside Inn

The Topside Inn Content recommended by Mark Osborn.

For a real insider’s take on the best way to experience all that the beautiful mid coast region of Maine has to offer, visit the travel blog of Maine’s #1 rated hotel.

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#18 Costa Rica Vacations Travel Blog

The Costa Rica Vacations Travel Blog Content recommended by Ellen ZoeGolden.

It helps to have experience guides when traveling the beautiful country of Costa Rica. The experts at Costa Rica Vacations, who are actually based down there, provide tips, advice, suggestions, and yes, even Costa Rican surf news that anyone will find useful in planning a trip to the bio-rich country.

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#19 Just Always Traveling

The Just Always Traveling Content recommended by Alyssa Heberlig.

I recommend this blog because all articles are written by a professional travel agent who knows all of the inside secrets of the travel industry. The information in the blog is to help travelers travel with the ease and knowledge of a travel agent.

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#20 Oliver’s Travels

The Oliver’s Travels Content recommended by Felix Mejia.

If you are looking for a bit of travel inspiration, why not take a look at Oliver’s Travels awesome blog! They provide the best guides, restaurants, and things to do for your next holiday destinations. You will also find jam-packed activities for the whole family to enjoy!

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#21 The Boutique Adventurer

The The Boutique Adventurer Content recommended by Amanda O'Brien.

Personal Contribution: The reason I am nominating my own blog is that I believe I am blogging for a clear gap in the market – over 35, well travelled, high disposable income level that is looking for unique and off the beaten track experiences in places they know and don’t know.

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#22 It’S A Lovely Life

The It's a Lovely Life Content recommended by Jolie Starrett.

It’s a Lovely Live focuses on family travel and provides a lot of valuable information on destinations in their blog posts and on YouTube. They go in depth on the location, resorts, excursions, restaurants, etc. on each of their family travels.

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#23 Dana Freeman Travels

The Dana Freeman Travels Content recommended by Allison Hayden.

Personal Contribution: I enjoy Dana’s travel writing because she is real, relatable and fun with her adventures and words. She writes about and in specializes in cruise, adventure, food, luxury, family travel, couples travel and multi-generational travel. Through her writing, she provides unique destination information, reviews, and travel tips, all of which I find relatable at this point in my own life. As a 50 year old busy mom of 3 I do not have the time or money I wish to travel and I find myself living through the eyes of Dana. And when I do want to travel, I use her suggestions and journeys she writes about because I realize she has actually been there and done that. I trust her opinions and her expert experience to weed out the fantastic and suggest it to her readers.

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#24 Agapeless

The Agapeless Content recommended by GURVINDER KAUR.

Agapeless Travel Blog has it all, it offers tips on traveling, itineraries, best hotels to stay in, best restaurants to visit, things to do in cities etc. More than this, it offers authentic and relevant information. It’s a must to follow blog if anybody is looking for latest information and regular traveling tips. Gurvinder writes through heart and with originality. Her Stories and tips are a must for anyone who’s planning to start their own travel blog. She also has a travel writing course that is helpful for any beginner.

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#25 Your Third Life

The Your third life Content recommended by Jim Wasserman.

After one’s formative/education years (first life) and responsible adulthood of family and job (second life), this blog is about getting the most our of one’s later years, when one can wander and wonder about the world. Maintained by a just-retired husband (teacher) and wife (banker) who have moved to Granada, Spain, the blog documents the practical and experiential sides of retirement, ex-patting, and travel. Entries alternate between practical (traveling with pets, building a financial portfolio) and philosophical (why do cities spend so much building monuments to events and people we don’t remember years later, and what can we learn from that).

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#26 Easy Planet Travel

The Easy Planet Travel Content recommended by Dominique Lessard.

Dominique is the travel expert behind Easy Planet Travel. She quitted her high-paying corporate job to help young families create deeper bonds through travel. Along with her husband, Clinton and their little adventuress, Emma-Kate, they are discovering with gratitude this big, beautiful world through incredible adventures. They traveled to 36 countries already, and they strongly believe that we can raise our kids to become world-class citizens through travel, as well as creating deeper and stronger family bonds exploring the world together. They have been featured on Lonely Planet, Fodor’s, Trip Advisor and they won the Best Travel Blog from the Caribbean Tourism Organization.

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#27 Bubbly Horse

The Bubbly Horse Content recommended by Stephanie Bell.

I believe that travel and food go hand in hand when you travel. There’s no better way to learn about the culture and the destination than to sample what it has to offer. Food is life! I try to visit places that are not on the most popular list and to provide a more personal viewpoint to my followers. Places such as Georgia (up and coming food and wine destination!), Dubai, Mendoza, Chile, and Buenos Aires are places that most people haven’t been and may never visit. All are places that I have covered. Sicily and Cape Town are up next.

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#28 Travellers Archive

The Travellers Archive Content recommended by Clemens Sehi.

Travellers Archive is the travel blog for everyone that is sick of travel blogs. The two writers of this multilingual publication give an honest impression of the world and have a strong focus on lesser known and misunderstood destinations. Besides well-travelled countries such as South Africa, USA, China or Thailand you will also find mesmerizing travel stories and documentaries from unusual travel destinations like Pakistan, Senegal, Lebanon, Iran or Ivory Coast.

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#29 Nomadic Matt

The Nomadic Matt Content recommended by Ilana Schattauer.

Personal Contribution: I believe the best travel blog is Nomadic Matt. Even though this blog has been around for a few years, it remains the ultimate travel blog. A combination of inspirational, aspirational and downright informative (you’ll find thorough destination guides here), Matt continues to provide amazing value to his readers.

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#30 Lazy Travel Blog

The Lazy Travel Blog Content recommended by Karolina Klesta.

Lazy Travel Blog is a perfect alternative for all the adventure blogs out there. If you love visiting new places but don’t really like sleeping in a tent or bungee jumping, this website is for you. You will find there useful tips on traveling to different destinations around the world, mostly Europe and South East Asia. If you don’t have money, they will tell you how to earn them online.

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#31 Will Fly For Food

The Will Fly for Food Content recommended by JB Macatulad.

Will Fly for Food is a fun, food-focused travel blog that publishes easy-to-read travel and food guides. It’s run by JB and Renée, the Traveleaters from the Philippines. They enjoy exploring the world through food and have made it their mission to try every country’s national dish. Will Fly for Food is one of the world’s top 50 travel blogs.

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#32 We Said Go Travel

The We Said Go Travel Content recommended by Lisa Niver.

We Said Go Travel was founded in 2010 by Lisa Niver and is the #3 travel blog and top female travel blogger on the top 1000 #Travel1k list. She has hosted 15 travel competitions and shared photography and writing from over 2500 entrants from 75 countries. Niver shares travel stories on KTLA TV in Los Angeles and her YouTube channel is now over 900,000 views. If you are looking for global travel inspiration, please stop by We Said GO Travel!

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#33 Travel After Five

The Travel After Five Content recommended by Michelle Maraj.

Travel After Five is a travel blog for business professionals who are traveling for work. This blog is unique because it focuses on things to do after 5:00 pm, while you are visiting a new city for your job and don’t have time to visit sites until the evening. This blog is very helpful for people who have limited time in a city.

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#34 The Healthy Voyager

The The Healthy Voyager Content recommended by Carolyn Scott-Hamilton.

A great web series and site for healthy/wellness, sustainable, adventure and luxury travel by Carolyn Scott-Hamilton

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#35 Packs Light

The Packs Light Content recommended by Gabby Beckford.

Packs Light is a great travel blog for young, solo, women travelers who want to experience travel in a once-in-a-lifetime-way. The brain behind the blog is Gabby Beckford, an adventuress and travel addict who has visited 28 countries in her 23 years, and done amazing things like scubadive underwater museums in Mexico, race real-life Mario Karts through the streets of Tokyo, and move to Dubai for an entire year on her own! This travel blog is the best because of her fun personality that seeps into her writing, and her stunning photos that make you want to book a flight to that destination ASAP.

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#36 Outdoor Families Magazine

The Outdoor Families Magazine Content recommended by Jennifer Fontaine.

Business Contribution: Our 4-year old blog strives to enrich the lives of multi-generational families internationally by providing unparalleled, award-winning outdoor and adventure travel-related content meant to inspire a connection to, participation in, and stewardship of the natural world.

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#37 Frugal For Luxury

The Frugal for Luxury Content recommended by Laura Georgieff.

At Frugal for Luxury, we inspire parents to make family memories in remarkable ways. From family travel tips to family-friendly destinations and itineraries on 4 continents, parents find everything they need to convince them that traveling with kids is not just possible, but a necessity! Having traveled with our 3 children since the time they were born, we don’t believe that having kids is a good reason not to travel. With a little planning, some flexibility, and the right mindset, parents can show their kids the world!!

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#38 Have Baby Will Travel

The Have Baby Will Travel Content recommended by Corinne McDermott.

Have Baby Will Travel’s mission is to inspire,motivate, and help families travel with babies, toddlers, and young children. Since 2007, Have Baby Will Travel has helped millions of parents plan and book vacations with babies and toddlers in tow. Founder Corinne McDermott launched the site after coming up short looking for tips and information prior to her first trip with her (then) infant daughter.

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#39 Nomad Joseph

The Nomad Joseph Content recommended by Juozapas Žygas.

Joseph writes about budget travel ideas and covers the places he has visited. He has been to more than 80 countries and tries to keep the blog as active as possible. Most of the blog posts you can find on the blog are about hiking, mountain climbing, adventures (kayaking, rock climbing, etc) and how to do them on a budget.

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#40 The Travel Ambassador

The The Travel Ambassador Content recommended by Wendy VanHatten.

Angel Castellanos is a traveler who is passionate about his work. I enjoy listening to his practical tips and reading about his current advice. It’s easy to see why he likes what he does. I often pass on to my readers info he has shared.

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#41 Cleverdever Wherever

The CleverDever Wherever Content recommended by Juliana Dever.

Personal Contribution:Recently awarded the Gold Medal for Best Travel Blog, 2018 by the North American Travel Journalists Association, CleverDever Wherever highlights unusual experiences in unexpected places. From humorous essays to interviews with locals, to restaurant recommendations, CleverDever Wherever helps you plan your travels in less touristed locations like Mongolia and the country of Georgia or find the unexpected in popular places like Paris.

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#42 Travel Addicts

The Travel Addicts Content recommended by Laura Longwell.

For over 11 years, Travel Addicts has focused on helping North Americans maximize their limited vacation time to see the world. The site focuses on culture, food and beverage, and unique experiences around the globe.

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#43 Adventures With Crystal

The Adventures with Crystal Content recommended by Crystal Bui.

It’s a travel blog aimed at empowering women and millennial travelers. Adventures with Crystal includes down-to-earth practical tips, itineraries, stories from abroad, and those very needed pep talks anytime someone has a solo travel fear come up. The resources are especially useful now that more women and millennials are looking to spend money on experiences, not necessarily things.

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#44 Justin Plus Lauren

The Justin Plus Lauren Content recommended by Lauren Yakiwchuk.

Justin Plus Lauren is a travel blog about urban and outdoor adventures, exploring nature, and promoting eco-friendly travel. This travel blog aims to showcase adventures that are kind to people, animals, and the planet. We should all consider sustainable and responsible tourism experiences, and you’ll find no shortage of them here! Justin and Lauren also travel the world following a vegan lifestyle, so you’ll be able to find the best plant-based eats on their blog.

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#45 Green And Turquoise

The Green and Turquoise Content recommended by Andrea Affinati.

‘Green and Turquoise’ is mainly focused on adventure travel and short-term travel, providing guides for long weekends or 5-day city breaks, as well as trip itineraries for the intrepid souls. You will occasionally find also long-form stories, tour reviews and inspirational posts, all accompanied by stunning photography.

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#46 Babyquip

The BabyQuip Content recommended by Trish McDermott.

BabyQuip’s Family Travel Blog offers parents an insider’s guide to travel with young children. Packed with first-hand family travel advice, tips and travel hacks, as well as off-the-beaten-path guides for kid-friendly experiences, BabyQuip’s blog keeps the focus on how to pack light, travel happy and make lasting family memories on every journey.

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#47 Nomads With A Purpose

The Nomads With a Purpose Content recommended by Robyn Robledo.

Those who are looking to bring more adventure into their travels will find all their answers at Nomads With a Purpose. This travel blog shares complete travel itineraries, tips for becoming more adventurous, and the top adventure destinations around the world. Here, you can also find a ton of tips and info on long term travel, especially with kids.

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#48 J.Q. Louise

The J.Q. Louise Content recommended by J.Q. Louise.

J.Q. Louise, is a luxury travel and lifestyle writer and influencer based out of Boston,- although her travelling expertise extends far past the bounds of the east coast. Her blog, J.Q. Louise, offers personal stories, curated itineraries, and expert tips and tricks that help her readers explore the world in style. J.Q. Louise takes all the work out of traveling, as she uncovers the best restaurants, bars, and venues in various cities around the world. Her blog has gained national recognition, featured in publications such as Glamour, the Boston Globe, and Thrillist.

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#49 La Jolla Mom

The La Jolla Mom Content recommended by Katie Dillon.

Katie has traveled all over the world, and is known as an expert in luxury vacations and family travel. She is extremely knowledgeable on several destinations, and has an amazing Luxury Hotel Guide. Some of Katie’s favorite, and frequently visited, locations include Asia and Europe, as well as several domestic locations. She also has lots of tips on how to visit various attractions (Disneyland, Universal Studios, etc.) for discounted prices and how to make the most out of your visit to them!

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#50 The Al-Hazza Adventures

The The Al-Hazza Adventures Content recommended by Latifah Al-Hazza.

The Al-Hazza Adventures provides in depth itineraries for destinations around the world, as well as short articles that highlight different aspects of countries, cultures and travel in general. In addition, readers can order a custom itinerary for an upcoming trip.

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#51 Life Well Cruised

Life Well Cruised recommended by Ilana.

Life Well Cruised is a travel blog that focuses on cruise travel, providing cruise tips, destination guides and cruise reviews. Run by Ilana Schattauer, an enthusiastic cruiser with more than a decade of cruise industry experience, cruisers will find great insider tips to help with all aspects of cruise planning. If you love to cruise, this is the travel blog to read.

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The recommendations of products and books within this article where sourced from industry experts. Their names and websites are listed below.

Who contributed to this article?

Laurence Norah from Finding the Universe

Tabby Farrar from Further

Emma Morrell from Wanderlust and Wet Wipes

Lindsay Krause from Ker & Downey Africa

Landia Davies from The Budget Safari Blog

Alex Trembath from Career Gappers

Betsy Ball from Euro Travel Coach

Jonathan Look, Jr. from LifePart2

Christian Eilers from Dauntless Jaunter

Inma Gregorio from A World to Travel

Charlie Marchant from Charlie on Travel

Joan Torres from Against the Compass

Amelie Gagne from Mostly Amelie

Jacquie Whitt from Adios Adventure Travel

Charles McCool from McCool Travel

Manon van Schagen from Visiting The Dutch Countryside

Mark Osborn from Topside Inn

Ellen ZoeGolden from Costa Rica Vacations Travel Blog

Alyssa Heberlig from Just Always Traveling

Felix Mejia from Oliver’s Travels

Jolie Starrett from Always Take the Trip

Allison Hayden from Mulberry and Astor

GURVINDER KAUR from Agapeless

Jim Wasserman from Your third life

Dominique Lessard from Easy Planet Travel

Stephanie Bell from Bubbly Horse

Clemens Sehi from Travellers Archive

Ilana Schattauer from Life Well Cruised

Karolina Klesta from Lazy Travel Blog

JB Macatulad from Will Fly for Food

Lisa Niver from We Said Go Travel

Michelle Maraj from Travel After Five

Carolyn Scott-Hamilton from The Healthy Voyager

Gabby Beckford from Packs Light

Jennifer Fontaine from Outdoor Families Magazine

Laura Georgieff from Frugal for Luxury

Corinne McDermott from Have Baby Will Travel

Juozapas Žygas from Nomad Joseph

Wendy VanHatten from Travelsandescapes

Juliana Dever from CleverDever Wherever

Laura Longwell from Travel Addicts

Crystal Bui from Adventures with Crystal

Lauren Yakiwchuk from Justin Plus Lauren

Andrea Affinati from Green and Turquoise

Trish McDermott from BabyQuip

Robyn Robledo from Nomads With a Purpose

J.Q. Louise from J.Q. Louise

Katie Dillon from La Jolla Mom

Latifah Al-Hazza from The Al-Hazza Adventures

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Written by Jacob Jacobowitz


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