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She Lies Hidden – Psychological Thriller by C M Stephenson

This is the first novel by C M STEPHENSON – and what a novel it is.  It draws on the dark side of northern subculture and is creepy and tension building.

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The first part does introduce a great many characters, speaking with their own voices. This could be a little confusing – but it adds to the drama and makes it all appear so very realistic. Fortunately, the whole is held tightly together with the two main characters, who reappear often enough to enable one to keep track without much difficulty. And as the plot unfolds, it is worth watching out for what happens next!

The scenic descriptions have all the detail needed to make you believe you are there, in the lonely farmhouse in the cold bleak moors – and in the super clean room. These contrasts were very well painted for us. There were parts where one could feel the hairs on the back of your neck rising!

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And it all comes to climax at the end. The macabre scene, the cold, the silence broken by harsh sounds and a tremendous sense of relief that it really is over all plays upon one’s nerves. And yes, there are still one of two ends to be tidied up – maybe for a second novel. The prime characters have the staying power for more than one book and I for one will eagerly await further thrillers from this author.

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