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The 6+ Supreme Mattress Brands As Recommended By Market Experts

Contributors to this article are experts in the mattress industry and know what to look out for. The result is that there is no wrong mattress option here!

A mattress is something that has to be done right, but it’s so difficult to test a potential option without actually sleeping on it for a week.

These mattress experts have tested and have proven the claims made by the manufacturers. These 7 mattresses are perfect buys and are sure to give you proper night sleeps. A mattress is not something you can ever skimp on!

#1 Casper

The Casper Content recommended by Logan Block.

Casper is in my mind the biggest online mattress brand there is, and with their recent expansion of their line, they have a mattress that suits any sleeper and a variety of price points. Also one of my favorites for accessories (pillows and sheets are fantastic)

Layla: Layla has that luxury memory foam feel that so many people like, but at a more affordable price point. They also have copper infused into the memory foam, making it sleep surprisingly cool for a foam mattress. Saatva: Saatva is an online mattress company, but one of the few that doesn’t ship in the box. So you get that pure innerspring feel that many people crave, but all the perks of the online shopping experience.

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#2 Nectar

The Nectar Content recommended by Jeanine Joy.

While it is difficult to name one best mattress brand because so many factors go into evaluating the best mattress for a specific person, Nectar has come out on top in our testing for over two years now. Of all the mattresses we’ve tried, it is the one my boss sleeps on. If we have to name just one mattress, it would be Nectar because it is versatile which means that side, stomach, and back sleepers can be comfortable on it, affordable enough that most people can afford it, and it has the longest no-risk sleep trial in the industry. With Nectar, you can try it for a year and return it for any reason, no questions asked and get your money back.

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#3 Avacado Green Mattress

The Avacado Green Mattress Content recommended by Meg Jacobini.

The Avocado Green Mattress is made with natural and organic materials, including latex from sustainable sources, organic certified wool, and organic certified cotton. These materials are eco-conscious, durable, and comfortable. Wool, for example, is resistant to dust mites, naturally antimicrobial, and great for temperature control.

The latex conforms to your body shape, offering an ideal level of support and pressure relief. You can choose a pillow top option if you like a medium feel, especially if you’re a side sleeper who suffers from hip or shoulder pain, or you can skip the pillow top if you prefer a medium-firm mattress and like sleeping on your back or belly. Avocado mattresses all have great edge support, so you won’t slide off when sitting on the edge of the bed. And one more perk: Free shipping anywhere in the USA!

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#4 Nolah Mattress Company

The Nolah Mattress company is an up and coming flippable mattress. It’s great for side sleepers, utilizing a newer technology known as air foam. The material is 100% temperature neutral and sleeps cooler than most other Memory Foam mattress. Best of all it offers a 120-night sleep guarantee and up to a lifetime warranty. If you’re in the market for a slide sleeper mattress with a middle of the road feel, this may be the one for you.

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#5 Helix

The Helix Content recommended by John Breese.

Helix is probably the most well-known for its large line of mattresses, which includes Helix Standard, Helix Luxe and the organic mattress model Birch. You can find a bed for literally any sleeper, as they’re ranged by different sleeping positions and firmness levels. Moreover, if you feel overwhelmed by such a vast choice, Helix offers you to take a quiz on their website so that the algorithm will select the most suitable models for you.

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#6 Eight Mattress

The Eight Mattress Content recommended by John Breese.

If you’re fascinated by technology, you will be fascinated by the Eight Mattress. It features Smart cover, which is aimed to help you build healthy sleep habits and boost your performance. The Smart cover packs a layer of electrodes that scan and analyze your body parameters during sleep. After you wake up, the mattress syncs with the app and gives you recommendations on how to improve your slumber. Also, it allows you to warm up or cool down your side of the bed so that you’ll feel comfortable without interrupting your partner’s sleep.

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#7 Puffy

The Puffy Content recommended by John Breese.

For those who want to make something good for this world while being able to sleep comfortably, here’s the Puffy. This mattress has pretty simple construction, but the combination of high-quality and innovative materials turns it into a supportive cloud for your spine and allows you to sleep cool even in hot climates. Besides, Puffy has a donation service, in which you can participate by taking a pic or video with your mattress, posting it on Instagram, and tagging the brand. For every ten reviews, the company donates one mattress to children’s shelters, so it’s a very easy way to make someone happy.

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The recommendations of items within this article where sourced from industry experts. Their names and websites are listed below.

Who contributed to this article?

Logan Block from Sleepopolis

Jeanine Joy from Sleep Tips

Meg Jacobini from Rave Reviews

John Breese from Happysleepyhead

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Written by Jacob Jacobowitz

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