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Developers Worldwide Read These 7 Blogs On Software Developing

Written by those that know what is like to write code.

What are the new trends regarding UX/UI? What are the new layouts that are banging right now? What new trends are popping up as of late and which are getting canned?

All of these questions are looming in the mind of anyone that works around software, the answers to can be incredibly difficult to put together from separate online sources. That’s why is better to reach out to a hub that deals with all of this exclusively.

By going to the best blogs for developers you got the chance to finally be part of a community of like-minded people that are going through the same as you and can most certainly give you a helping hand on your project.

#1 Nielsen Norman Group Ux

The Nielsen Norman Group UX Content recommended by Holman Gao.

I love these UX case studies because they mention examples of real products and it helps me with UX and design decisions.

Check it out

#2 Wp Engine Blog

The WP Engine Blog Content recommended by Jason Parks.

It helps that we utilize WP Engine’s hosting for a lot of our clients but I know our development team is constantly checking out their articles. They cover a lot of great topics, like combining the power of Google Cloud with WordPress. It isn’t all development either, they keep you abreast on the digital landscape, which is nice.

Check it out

#3 A Lister Apart

The A Lister Apart Content recommended by Vipin Labroo.

Starting off as a mailing list in 1998, it has turned into a very well regarded blog. It boasts of a number of top notch writers like Rachel Andrew, Lyza Danger Garner, Debra Gelman, Anthony Colangelo, Matt Griffin and so on. A great blog for those looking to sharpen their software development skills.

Check it out

#4 Coding Horror

The Coding Horror Content recommended by Vipin Labroo.

If you don’t mind a humorous take on the whole business of development, then this blog by Jeff Atwood is the one for you.

Check it out

#5 Sitepoint

The SitePoint Content recommended by Vipin Labroo.

This is a great site for developers to gain valuable insight into JavaScript, PHP, CSS3, HTML5 and so on with the help of some outstanding tutorials.

Check it out

#6 Hackernoon

The HackerNoon Content recommended by Vipin Labroo.

Again a great site to obtain cutting edge information about software development by way of articles by thousands of ace tech professionals.

Check it out

#7 Thoughbot

The Thoughbot Content recommended by Vipin Labroo.

This is an outstanding blog for those who are interested in the nitty gritty of design and web. You can also learn a fair bit about Android and iOS.

Check it out

The recommendations of items within this article where sourced from industry experts. Their names and websites are listed below.

Who contributed to this article?

Holman Gao from BoostMySchool

Jason Parks from Cleveland Marketing King

Vipin Labroo from Adzerk

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Written by Jacob Jacobowitz

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