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7 Useful Blogs For Photographers

Read and find out what’s the best how to capture that perfect shot you long for.

In what photography concerns, getting that shot right is the goal, just capturing your target at the perfect time where all element involved converge to make that one great image you’ve been searching for. Now, photography being an art means that there are as many ways as you can imagine to get the perfect photograph, and it can be a little overwhelming to sort out which options and techniques can better do the job.

Instead of researching all by yourself, why not better to hear from the pros that have been at it for quite a while? Save yourself a ton of time by learning through their words the tips and tricks to go about the process of landing the best shot possible. Learn what the pros have got to say about the art of photography by reading these blogs.


#1 Yatharth Gupta Blog

The Yatharth Gupta Blog Content recommended by Yatharth Gupta.

This blog focussed on imparting value to photographers and beginners. It is not gear-centric, in a way it focuses on discussing photography regardless of the camera the reader owns. It also touches photography topics which are not often discussed in other blogs.

Check it out

#2 Understand Photography

The UnderstandPhotography Content recommended by Peggy Farren.

  1. Over 100 teaching articles. Good for beginners to intermediate photographers to help learn technical skill in an easier manner. The motto at Understand Photography is We Simplify the Technical.
  2. New 2-5 minute teaching video every Tuesday.
  3. Podcast and Youtube show each Friday – a teaching show featuring travel, nature and fine art photographers.
  4. Approximately 20% of the content is focused on selling your photography as art. The other 80% is teaching the technical side of photography in a simple manner. “

Check it out

#3 Click Magazine Blog

The Click Magazine Blog Content recommended by Tina Butera.

The Click Magazine blog is based off of an award winning publication which is full of educational and engaging articles to help you keep your creative photography juices flowing. Both the magazine and the blog are gorgeous. You are sure to be inspired whether you are an amateur or professional photographer.

Check it out

#4 Photobug Community

The PHOTOBUG COMMUNITY Content recommended by Matt Lim.

Personal Contribution: The best blog I look at regularly is Junebug Wedding’s blog that is specifically geared towards working photographers (not necessarily hobbyists). They provide awesome educational and inspirational content that has been super helpful for me.

Check it out

#5 Sony Alpha Rumour

The Sony Alpha Rumour Content recommended by Moritz.

Stay up to date with the latest photo tech. Find out info about upcoming releases which sometimes sincerely effect my gear investment plans.

Check it out

#6 Fstoppers

The fStoppers Content recommended by Moritz.

Fantastic blog about new trends and developments in photography. Worth reading every week! Lot’s of educational material and discussions about latest trends.

Check it out

#7 The Chase Jarvis Live Show

The The Chase Jarvis Live Show Content recommended by Logan Westom.

Chase Jarvis is well know and respected professional commercial photographer and entrepreneur who is interesting to hear speak about creative and art. But the guest he interviews come from an incredibly wide and diverse background and industires.

Including Rain Wilson, Cory Booker, Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuck, Arianna Huffington, Sir Richard Branson, Brene Brown, just to name a few. (Also many people I had never heard of before that offer very interesting perspectives) Always offering something new.

Something that is not always directly related to photography but something that can be applied to all creative people. It’s important as a photographer to draw inspiration from different backgrounds, industries, etc. This podcast is a great resource for it.

Check it out

The recommendations of items within this article where sourced from industry experts. Their names and websites are listed below.

Who contributed to this article?

Yatharth Gupta from Yatharth Gupta Photography

Peggy Farren from UnderstandPhotography

Tina Butera from Tina Butera Photography

Matt Lim from Matthew Lim Photography

Moritz from Moritz Schmittat Photography

Logan Westom from Logan Westom Photography

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Written by Jacob Jacobowitz

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