Playing Away: One in Six Football Fans Admit to Cheating on Their Partner Come Matchday

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  • 17% per cent of football fans are likely to cheat on matchdays
  • Aston Villa supporters (42%) are the most likely to cheat on their partners
  • 71% say away days are games where fans are most likely to cheat

One in six football fans have admitted to cheating on their partners on matchday with Aston Villa fans the worst for playing away.

Supporters across the country cheating when watching their teams around the country and abroad and while Villa are the biggest love rats, Liverpool fans are the supporters that rivals most want to have sex with.

The research comes from Free Super Tips who surveyed football fans to see what goes on behind the scenes on matchday.

The Fans Behaving Badly survey delved into supporters’ disloyal habits when following their team home, away and abroad with more than a third (35%) of those who said they had cheated admitted that it was during an away day.

Worryingly for partners, the number of fans cheating is high even when watching home games and trips abroad. More than a quarter (26%) of unfaithful fans have played away while watching their side at home with 24 per cent sleeping around while they followed their team abroad.

Aston Villa topped the table of Premier League cheaters with 42 per cent of supporters admitting that they had been unfaithful on matchdays.

A third of Crystal Palace fans have slept around, while newly promoted Sheffield United take third place with 29 per cent.

Bournemouth are fourth with a quarter of supporters cheating, followed by a four-way split for fifth between Arsenal, Chelsea Manchester United and West Ham on fifth all with 20 per cent.

Burnley supporters are the most faithful with 100 per cent insisting they haven’t cheated on their partners.

And it looks as though partners should worry most when their other halves head to Anfield with fans across the league admitting that they’d rather bed a red than anyone else.

Liverpool fans are most popular with a quarter of fans saying they’re the fanbase they want to sleep with followed by Chelsea 20 per cent, Manchester United 17 per cent, Arsenal 17 per cent

Jake Apperley, a spokesperson for Free Super Tips, said: “The survey shows a concerning attitude football fans have for away days and the impact it has on people’s morality.”

“Although it’s not our place to discuss people’s relationships it is interesting to find that the 90 minutes of football being played isn’t the only thrill fans are looking for on matchday. “

Per cent of Premier League fans who have cheated per team:

Aston Villa 42%
Crystal Palace 33%
Sheffield United 29%
Bournemouth 25%
Chelsea 20%
Arsenal 20%
Manchester United 20%
West Ham 20%
Manchester City 18%
Norwich 14%
Tottenham Hotspur 13%
Liverpool 13%
Watford 13%
Wolverhampton Wanderers 13%
Newcastle United 12%
Everton 9%
Southampton 8%
Brighton Hove & Albion 7%
Leicester City 6%
Burnley 0%

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Written by Hassan Ahmed

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