Ed Sheeran Voted As Having the Most Relatable Celebrity Body by Men

Photo by Danielle Cerullo on Unsplash

As Summer approaches and TV screens and social media feeds are about to be inundated with sights of ripped bodies and perfect hair, Foster’s lager want the world to appreciate a more realistic representation of ‘real’ men – so have gone back to where it all began, Michelangelo’s David. Introducing ‘the statue of DAVEO’, by Michelangelo*, in response to a third of men saying there is too much pressure on them to look perfect.

Ed Sheeran was voted as the most relatable body type closely followed by James Cordon and Danny Dyer.

The top three male attributes seen most in the media:

  1. Six packs
  2. Sculpted arms
  3. Perfect features

The top three male attributes men want to see more of:

  1. Less ripped
  2. Rounded stomach
  3. Love handles

Over half agreed that classical art and sculptures like Michelangelo’s David portray an unrealistic male physique for the modern man.

The four-metre tall Statue of DAVEO, by Michelangelo (aged 36, from Glasgow) has been curated with input from men up and down the country.  A less ripped body, plumper stomach and love handles are all features that men of Britain think are more realistic.

Richard Barnes, Marketing Manager, Foster’s says: “Foster’s is famous for its straight-up Aussie support of British blokes. In this Love Island world, DAVEO and body positivity is something we want our drinkers and the country talking about.

Barnes adds, “Our statue represents a more modern-day male – one where positive body image doesn’t have to come from an unrealistic perception of perfection. We just want to encourage men to feel comfortable in their own skin. Real is the new ideal!”

DAVEO is now looking for a home after being offered to the likes of The Tate Modern and The Victoria and Albert, which unfortunately couldn’t accommodate him.

If you run a gallery, local pub, football club or you’d like to exhibit DAVEO to show your support, you can get in touch via


The statue stands at 4 metres high. The plinth he stands on is 1.5m wide x 1.5m high and 1.2m deep.  When stood on the plinth he is 5.5m high. He weighs 100kg and is made of a steel skeleton, Polystyrene body and coated in Polyurethane.

The full campaign from Fosters will be launching on 13th June.

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Written by Hassan Ahmed

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