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The Body Part That Guys Should Be Exercising, But Probably Don’t

While pelvic floor exercises are most often recommended for women, there can be significant benefits for men. Supporting your bladder and bowels, pelvic floor muscles run from the tailbone to the pubic bone. Exercises and treatments are recommended to tighten pelvic floor muscles which can help with bladder and bowel control and can help with erections and rectal pain.

Have A Full Medical Exam Before Getting Started

According to Evan Goldstein, MD of Bespoke Surgical, if someone thinks or has been told that they have a pelvic floor dysfunction, they need to get a thorough check-up first. This includes an internal and external exam because most muscular dysfunction comes from an inciting ailment. It’s not just about treating the problem, but the cause of the problem. He recommends that guys with pain or discomfort take a step back and think about the origin of the problem and then see a specialist to rule out potential diagnoses.

Dr. Goldstein says that pelvic floor exercises can be beneficial, but if the initial pathologies are not treated properly symptoms will likely be only alleviated and not fully treated. His advice for people who suffer from chronic issues is not never stop asking why and to do their own research. Don’t just accept a chronic diagnosis from a doctor. If you still have questions and issues, see a specialist who is well versed in positive change.

Understanding Pelvic Floor Therapy for Men

Many times, medical doctors can misdiagnose pelvic floor dysfunction with a more serious condition. That’s because the symptoms can feel similar. This can lead to the taking of unnecessary medications like antibiotics, surgery, and ultimately not having the key issue treated.

Once it is identified that pelvic floor exercises will be beneficial, it’s time to get started. Simply put, either the pelvic muscles are too weak or too tight and treatment can help with both of these issues. There are various therapeutic assessments and treatment techniques under the term Male Pelvic Floor Therapy.

There are a full range of treatments provided by Bespoke Surgical including manual therapy to tighten external and internal pelvic muscles, external muscle strengthening and lengthening, specific male pelvic floor massage techniques that will strengthen the skin, EMG Biofeedback, among others.

Setting Goals and Timing

Male Pelvic Floor Therapy can take six to eight weeks to see results. Although it can take less time to see improvement. No matter the issues or the technique used as part of the therapy, the goal is to relax the muscles to an acceptable baseline. Once that’s achieved, the next goal is to create control through a range of muscle activation that goes from relaxation to contraction.

Part of the mission for Dr. Goldstein is to also help his patients in the gay community understand their bodies and how to maintain proper anal health. His aim is to help patients understand underlying causes, answer questions, and explain treatment options.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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