Celebrate International Yoga Day: Unite Your Mind & Body With The Earth at SwaSwara

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Honour International Day Of Yoga (21st June) & Take Action Against Climate Change With CGH Earth

International Day of Yoga – a day to raise awareness worldwide of the many benefits of practising yoga. Whilst the wellness benefits of regularly embodying downward dog, pigeon or warrior pose may be clear, for 2019, the pioneering awareness day seeks to highlight the ways in which yoga can help to tackle the ever-present issue of climate change!

Whilst it wouldn’t be an instant connection many of us would make, yoga creates harmony between ourselves and nature. Irresponsible human actions are causing harm to the planet, so the UN is seeking to leverage this celebratory day to show how practising yoga allows us to connect our body and soul with nature to encourage us to make more considered choices that will positively impact the world we live in.

One destination that seamlessly combines yoga with environmental consciousness is SwaSwara – a stunning wellness destination by CGH Earth; offering a unique combination of Ayurveda and Yoga, set amongst the truly beautiful setting of the Om beach in Gokarna, India. A sanctuary for your inner self. Sugawara’s goal is to offer a life plan for the ‘reconstruction’ of mind and body to bring about balance and harmony within.

With the traditional healing system of Ayurveda & yoga at its core, SwaSwara is led by a team of experienced Hatha yoga Indian teachers, the guests enjoy a consultation with the yoga instructor before embarking on a daily schedule of Yoga Asanas, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra and various guided meditations. Perfect for helping you to find the right balance to attain spiritual wellbeing.

With separate dedicated spaces for Asana & meditation sessions (YogaShala) and a hilltop meditation & pranayama area commanding a 180-degree view of the Om Beach and ocean below, guests can take a seat under the coconut thatch roof for a guided sunrise meditation, complete with the sea-kissed breeze. The ultimate setting to allow you to reconnect with your senses and become aware of your environs as well as your inner self.

This unique yoga programme sits seamlessly alongside a blend of Ayurveda treatments, hydrotherapy, guided coaching and nurturing nutrition that will enhance your wellbeing.

The ancient practice of yoga has long been revered for its unique ability to align the mind, body and spirit, reaping benefits for both your physical and mental health. The word ‘yoga’ is derived from Sanskrit and represents the union of individual consciousness (body) to the highest/supreme consciousness. The beginnings of Yoga date back to Northern India over 5,000 years ago, but the practice has since gone on to capture the consciousness of those living in the Western world, helping those seeking a resolution from the stresses of the modern day a chance to find balance and evoke peace from within.

The rising popularity of yoga was formally cemented by the United Nations who proclaimed the 21st June as the nature to encourage us to make more considered choices that will positively impact the world we live in.

One destination that seamlessly combines yoga with environmental consciousness is SwaSwara – a stunning wellness destination by CGH Earth

Whilst the emphasis on yoga will allow you to get back to nature and connect your mind and body to the earth, SwaSwara takes sustainability and tackling the issues of climate change to a higher level, ensuring you can travel in a way that gives back from an environmental perspective.

Specifically, SwaSwara is focused on ecology, community and culture offering an authentic experience that benefits the land it is situated within. This includes the following:

  • Rainwater goes a long way – water is a scarcity in the region, so SwaSwara has taken to harvesting rainwater to reduce their burden on the environment and improve their self-sufficiency. The harvesting system is designed as a big lake that can hold up to 18 million litres of water collected during the Monsoon season. The lake contains several species of fish which cleverly keep the lake naturally clean, whilst water is purified to make it drinkable for guests
  • Local wisdom – many of the staff come from the local communities in and around Gokarna. It is a bond that goes beyond employment, becoming a give and takes of wisdom, inspiration and a sharing of perspectives
  • Earth centred – dedicated to the wellbeing of the environment, SwaSwara treats and re-use wastewater for their gardens, flower beds and farm. Kitchen waste is turned into biogas used for cooking and organic fertilisers to ensure everything is recycled
  • Local flavours – the recipes at the SwaSwara kitchen draw on the food habits and styles of the local community using ingredients from the sites own farm and the local community. A devotion to local gives birth to a cuisine that is unique and earthy as it is wholesome and delicious
  • A Helping Hand – SwaSwara have instituted many community programmes that support local schools and guide self-help groups towards more gainful small enterpriseWith this perfect combination of luxury healing and a responsible ethos that values the earth and seeks to preserve it for many decades to come, SwaSwara is the ideal destination for the conscious, discerning traveller looking to celebrate International Yoga Day whilst enriching their wellbeing for the better.With stays last from 3 nights to 21 nights, SwaSwara offers programmes to transform yourself whilst being kind to the earth you choose to wander upon.Double rooms start from £836 for 3 nights.ENDS

    About CGH Earth Wellness Destinations

    God lies in the details, waiting to be discovered”, is the thought that has inspired CGH Earth from the very beginning, and the non-negotiable core values of Environmental Sensitivity, benefiting the community and being local have always been our constant guide. These values provide, not just the invisible pillars on which their efforts stand, but also serve as daily inspirations, made visible in a hundred little details. Over the years, with 16 unique holiday experiences and 4 well-being and curative retreats created across Southern India, this boutique chain discovered themselves through nature and community. Learnt that less is more. That luxury lies in simplicity. And that reality is more enchanting than fantasy. CGH Earth offers guests a string of experiences that are pure, unexpected and inspiring. It is true when they say that it is these details that collectively create the singular mosaic that is a CGH Earth Experience.

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Written by Hassan Ahmed

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