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Want More Out Of Life: Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

No matter where you go or what you do, there is no escaping the constant promotion of health and happiness. Everyone seems to have a ‘magic pill’ or the perfect remedy to achieve vitality and longevity. There is an immeasurable amount of information on the subject along with a vast number of products to invest in. Despite this massive volume, there is one effective and economical thing that we all can do to improve our quality of life, that is sleep.

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Why Sleep?

There are a variety of things one can do to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Those things may include consuming a beneficial diet and taking the right supplements, seeing a qualified physician, or committing to a routine of vigorous exercise. As significant as they all are, those efforts are of minimum value if we are not consistently getting adequate amount of sleep.

It is obvious that getting enough sleep is not as simple as one would think because a third of the population suffers from a lack thereof. Most of us require eight hours of restorative sleep, (give or take) however, a lot of us are struggling. There are many factors that may prohibit us from getting a good night’s rest like dealing with certain health conditions, having elevated stress, or just implementing bad nocturnal habits. An occasional bad night or two is not crucial, nonetheless, if we are chronically sleep deprived then we have a problem.

This is not just a matter of experiencing a little fatigue, some brain fog or being a tad bit irritable. If we do not acquire uninterrupted and complete rest on a regular basis, our health will pay the price for the sleep debt we incur. We will risk having a weakened immune system which in turn can compromise us emotionally, cognitively, and physically. Functioning with little to no sleep can make us susceptible to depression, mental instability, and serious medical illnesses related to Metabolic Syndrome.

In other words, sleep or a lack thereof affects everything! The body can only go for so long being sleep deprived. Eventually something will have to give. Here are some ideas of achieving better quality sleep.

Finding The Root Cause

As stated before, there are several reasons why getting good sleep is elusive for some. Perhaps you are coping with a medical condition such as Sleep Apnea. If you have it or suspect that you do, then diagnosis and treatment are imperative. If stress is the cause, then possibly there are some small things that you can do to remove some unnecessary anxiety. If not, then consulting professional help just may do the trick.

Create An Environment Conducive To Good Sleep

Your sleeping environment should be designated for sleep only. It should be free from stress and anything overstimulating in order for your mind to turn itself off and get into a proper slumber. Having a place that is dark, quiet, and calming is ideal in achieving that goal. Getting rid of blue light which emits from your electronic devices like your mobile phone, computer or tablet at least one hour before bed is vital. Also having the right soothing music can be very helpful.

Establish A Routine

You establish routines in other areas in life all the time, one example is with work. You go to your place of employment at the same time every work day and go home at the same time as well. Because it is your routing your brain knows that during those hours you are expected to be productive. The same rule applies to sleeping. Your brain needs to have a set time when it knows to rest. Determine a bed time that is best suited for you and stick with it. The same goes for when you wake up. Just as it is significant to begin a routine, being consistent is also as important.

These suggestions may not be as easy to incorporate and maintain but it is worth it! Please do not make the mistake of minimizing the connection between having good sleeping patterns and having optimum health! Do whatever your circumstances allow to make any necessary changes. It is that essential to your well-being.

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Written by Nat Sauteed

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