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11 More Great Gifts For A Brit

The United Kingdom is home to many diverse and wonderful cultures. From the most northern reaches of Scotland, to the coast at Land’s End, there are countless amounts of possibilities for that perfect gift, regardless of who you’re shopping for.

We have collected eleven great gift suggestions from around the web in the hopes of spurring  inspiration in your hunt for the perfect gift choice.

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#1 SoapSmith Range

Our All Scents Soaps is perfect for a British Person. Each soap slice (8 total) is named after a cool interesting place in London - Lavender Hill, Brick Lane and Bloomsbury etc. The soaps are handmade in an east London factory and are an award winning product - Gift of the Year finalist award, Pure Beauty Award, Beauty Shortlist Award amongst others. All products are Vegan and Natural.

Contributor: Sam from soapsmith

#2 Roast Dinner Box

The box contains everything you need to craft an expert roast dinner. Originally created for Christmas dinners, the box isn't seasonal and can be used year-round to help you cook a good old-fashioned British roast dinner.

Contributor: Oliver Wheaton, Content Marketing Manager from passiondigital

#3 Zapp Electric Scooter

Zapp are about to launched their high-power electric scooter range in the UK, and naturally have ensured that the personalisation tool on their website can enable Brits to wear their flag on their method of transport. This is also the ideal gift for a British person as London's new Ultra Low Emission Zone means those living in the capital need to think about cutting their emission more than ever, making an electric scooter the ideal gift.

Contributor: Oliver Wheaton, Content Marketing Manager from passiondigital

#4 Classic Biscuits Box

If there’s one thing the Brits love more than tea, it’s the perfect biscuit to dunk into the liquid gold. This British Favorite Classic biscuit collection gift box is the perfect gift for your tea-loving friend. Jammie Dodgers, McVities, Digestives, Hobnobs – you’ve got them all in this Union Jack gift box.

Contributor: Nate Masterson from natemasterson

#5 Scarf/Hat Hanger by Hangersmith

The Hangersmith Accessory Hanger has been designed with the greatest of space saving ideas in mind, it is a handmade solid birch, beech or cedar closet hanger to keep all your ties or scarves neatly stored in one place. The hanger can even store bags or belts if preferred, plus it is designed with the user in mind, and can hold up to 16 items on one single hanger. Each hanger can also be personalised, which is an ideal idea for a gift. This is a British idea, made to a registered design with pride, in Dorset.

Contributor: Anthony Muraro from hangersmith

#7 BubbleBum’s Union Jack Car Seat

The Union Jack foldable and ultra portable inflatable car booster seat celebrates British culture and will help keep kids ages 4-11 safe and comfy during all drives, near and far. Little ones will love how it is lightweight and easy to inflate and deflate, so it can be carried in a backpack. BubbleBum is the proven functional equivalent of any rigid car booster seat on the market and it has had to undergo all of the same crash-testing and materials testing as any other car booster seat on the market.

Contributor: Anza Goodman with bubblebum

#8 Bablas Watch Range

These are 'Royal London' branded watches, some of which are actually 'Made in the UK' which is rare for a watch brand. They represent true minimalist style and have the logo embossed prominently on the dial. It is a brand with true British heritage.

Contributor: Niral

#9 Black Cow Vodka

Black Cow is an award-winning, super premium, crystal clear vodka with a smooth and creamy character. We believe that Black Cow is the smoothest vodka in the world as it's made entirely from the milk of grass grazed cows and has a smooth and creamy character This also makes it very soft, so it’s great in a martini or neat with cheese and other food pairings.

It is a very English product, it is made from English grass grazed cows who live on the idyllic Dorset Coast.


#10 Stitch And Story Knitting Kit

Stitch & Story have a gorgeous cup cosy knitting kit which I believe is a perfect gift for a British person, in my opinion nothing could be more stereotypical for a British person than knitting and a cup of tea, combining these is the perfect little stocking filler, and they look cool!

Contributor: Jack from 43clicksnorth

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Written by James Metcalfe

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