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Top Fashion Gifts Available For $15 Or Under!

Looking for a top gift for any fashionable sort out there, but without the usual busting of the bank account we all know the fashion world can be accountable for?

Look no further than the eight original and exciting fashion gifts available for under $15 this holiday season.

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#1 Buttoned Down Men’s Classic Silk Hand Rolled Pocket Square

Pocket squares are the easiest way for men to completely transform their look. Adding one of these stylish silk pocket squares to your jacket can help you look more formal or more casual, depending on the style. Buttoned Down offers a beautiful array of styles and patterns to take you from ordinary to extraordinary.

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#2 Luc And Bell Bracelets

Luc and Bell jewellery is a lovely gift:

  • It reminds people of their own strengths and the circle of friends around them.
  • Each bracelet is handmade.
  • Packed with meaning, they are small enough to be perfect stocking stuffers.

Each piece has a red bead symbolizing strength and protection, a heart for love and an animal specifically chosen for its commitment to family and community - like a penguin, an elephant or a wolf.

Luc and Bell bracelets retail for $12 and a portion of our profits are donated to children in need.

Contributor: Marta and Pavlina from

#3 Soul Insole

Soul Insole designed a metatarsal pad that adds relief and comfort to ANY shoe or sandal without crowding your feet! These met pads provide relief for anyone who spends a lot of time walking and standing! They take the pain away from the ball of your foot in high heels, ballet flats, tom's, converse and more! These amazing foot pads are also washable and re-usable. For only $13.99, they're the perfect gift!

Contributor: Laina Gossman from

#6 STICK-AMIS Anti-Gravity Phone Holders

STICK-AMIS are the ideal gadget for smartphones (and tablets):

  • Phone Holder: Can be attached to dashboard or plane tray for long trips; no bulky contraptions or gadgets.
  • Enables Space: STICK-AMIS free up much needed counter space as it is primarily placed on the wall or window.
  • Video: Ideal for perfect videos and video chats.
  • Lightweight: Unlike a selfie-stick or pop-socket, STICK-AMIS are easy to carry as it is attached to your phone and not bulky. Easily fits in your pocket or purse
  • Stand: Makes the perfect stand for your phone. Makes your phone or tablet a personal screen.

Price: $12.99

Contributor: Christel Chaunsumlit from

#7 Global Intuition Range

Global Intuition is a new clothing brand that has landed to Fred Segal. It was founded by multimedia artist Yi Zhou. Global Intuition is a minimal, soulful, luxury brand that was created in China with amazing design creative teams in Los Angeles and Shanghai.

The brand is inspired by American culture mixed with Chinese creativity created in the social media era. The collection hones in on its sustainable craftsmanship and fine material to ensue the idea of seasonless and targets a diverse and ageless demographic across the continents.

Contributor: Claudia A Greene from

#8 Achillea Silky Pashmina Shawl Wrap Scarf

Scarves are one of the most versatile fashion accessories you can own. These stylish shawls come in a wide selection of gorgeous colors to match any outfit you can dream of. As an added bonus, these super affordable scarves can be worn in both formal and casual occasions, plus can easily be rolled up and put in a bag or jacket pocket.

Contributor: Caleb Backe from

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Written by James Metcalfe

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