Never Miss A Memory Again With STICK-AMIS

Ever find yourself in a situation where you just can’t seem to find the best way of truly capturing the magic of it? STICK-AMIS is the brilliantly designed range of stickers that allow you to effortlessly hold up your mobile or tablet to any surface you find yourself near and unleash a whole new world of possible ways of taking that perfect photo.

Looking at the product’s functions, designs and affordability, read on below to learn more about one of the most revolutionary designs sweeping the web.

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#1 Designs

Each and every STICK-AMI sticker is carefully designed with both style and practically in mind. Whereas something like a selfie stick might have the issues of a cumbersome weight and an awkward shape to haul around, the STICK-AMI is specifically designed to fit seamlessly on any phone or tablet, no matter their size or shape. 

Both its design and its weight ensure that there is always a maximum amount of ease and comfort for any owner, without losing out on that modern and fresh look. 

#2 Functions

STICK-AMIS are designed with one key and important message in mind: never letting a great moment or memory slip us by. A revolutionary and brilliantly easy to use sticky pad allows you to hold up your mobile or tablet to any given surface and capture any moment that comes your way. 

STICK-AMI isn't just limited to the selfies though. With uses for people wanting to host calls, watch videos or even read through their screens with much more stability, there are plenty of occasions in our everyday lives where these stickers can come in more than handy. 

#3 Affordability

Retailing at $13, one thing that STICK-AMI ensures is complete affordability. Available in a whole host of original and exciting designs and colours to match each and every user, there is even an option to customise your STICK-AMI for the ultimate personalisation.

With a one time purchase comes a product that (with the right protection) can last for well up to and over 1,000 uses. With a perfect result every time, it sounds like smart money to us!

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Written by James Metcalfe

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