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Staying Successful: 4 Great Tips For Maintaining Success

Finally hit that level of achievement and productivity that you’re properly proud of, but unsure as to what the best course of action might be in maintaining these new levels? Finding consistent success can be a tricky art for some with dips and downfalls a natural part of going through any experience. Below are 4 great tips from leading experts for those looking to maintain that perfect level of success for you.

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#1 Stay Grateful

When your goals are finally reached, be sure to have gratitude. Even if you earned a really prestigious award maintain grace and humility. Everyone will respect you more and you will respect yourself more. Hard work usually does lead to success and you will get there too.

Contributor: Amanda Raimondi from thegrapevinegossip

#2 Always Be Ready To Learn

To maintain a level of success, you should always be willing to learn. Never think that you know everything. Be curious, and take advantage of the numerous free courses available online to broaden your skills set.

For example, if you work in marketing, you could learn a programming language like Python to automate some of your tasks. Or you could learn about sales to be able to pick up the phone and convince influencers to talk about your business.

Contributor: Gregory Golinski from yourparkingspace

#3 Self Care

Part of being successful is having a plan for self-care. For me, this means going to yoga, meditating, and warm oil self massage. Starting a business is basically like having your first child! It takes every ounce of energy and 150% of brain power. Coffee isn’t always the answer. Sometimes it’s nice to have a boost in the morning, but too much can leave me frazzled and exhausted mid day. When I set aside time for self-care, and do something outside of my business, I come back refreshed, with great ideas, and again, love that I am an entrepreneur.

Contributor: Katie Ziskind from WisdomWithinCt

#4 Do The Little Things Right

When I reflect back on starting a law firm, I began without any cases and the first “office” was my kitchen table. We’ve now grown to well over 60 active cases in just two years. The best strategy for success was simply doing the little things right, such as returning a phone call and sending a get well note to a client (we do personal injury cases). Clients appreciated being treated as humans, and we felt invigorated by tit too. Over time, these little things continued to grow into larger successes.

Bottom line: Stay positive, do the little things, and focus on helping others.

Contributor: Kevin Patrick, Owner & Founder of Kevin Patrick Law, LLC at

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Written by James Metcalfe

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