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How Office Uncleanliness Demotivates Your Employees

Staying focused and getting things done in a messy and dirty environment is hard and sometimes impossible for employees. As an employer, you should know that a clean office would boost employees’ morale, motivation, and productivity.

As an employer or company owner, one of your responsibilities is checking your employees’ morale and well-being. These are the foundations for people to work effectively as an individual as well as a team, but for a team to function at its best, its members should feel motivated and focused on his/her work.

If you fear that one or more of your employees may be lacking in motivation and morale because of office uncleanliness, here are some of the reasons why.

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#1 Kills Joy and Productivity

Office uncleanliness steals workplace of joy and focus by drawing your attention away from what your focus should be on, according to Dr. Sherrie Bourg Carter of Psychology Today. A cluttered desk, for example, hinders an employee from immediately finding needed office items like staples, paper cups, and important documents. Spending time looking for an office item may frustrate employees with their work, distract them from their current task, or cause delay, affecting their overall work progress. Dr. Carter furthered that desk clutter even deprives the mind of creativity, which can cause artist’s block to people working in advertising, graphic designing, and companies offering creative services.

#2 Triggers Allergy

According to Everyday Health, 14,151 workers identified common asthma triggers that related to their occupation. These included paper dust, mold, insects, and mice. These asthma triggers can make your employees sick, and with sickness comes their need for sick leaves. Sick leaves and office absences can only mean one thing—zero or delayed office work.

Getting sick and going through with these irritants everyday will make your employees feel demotivated in going to work. Annoying workmates and unfair paychecks are not the only ones that irritate employees.

#3 Heightens the Level of Stress

An unclean and disorganized office contribute to work-related stress. According to Dr. Carter, sights of untidiness can bombard human minds with stimuli that are not necessary or important, causing senses to work overtime, preventing both mental and physical relaxation. Dr. Carter added, that sights of desk and office clutter constantly tell the brain that work is not yet done, making your employees anxious.

Employees suffering from stress are less likely to be productive and tend to have lower engagement and focus in their work. Burnout employees are also more prone to absences and lack of work motivation compare to those who are not experiencing a lot of stress.

#4 Decreases Sense of Growth and Well-being

A clean office with no overflowing trash cans, old broken furniture lying around, dusty blinds, and cluttered employee desks portrays a company that works efficiently and professionally. Obviously, an unclean office can give a negative impression not just to the prospective clients, but also to the company employees.

If your employees perceived their workplace as a very unprofessional space, then they are more likely to work unprofessionally. Employees may feel that the company offers little sense of growth. They may also feel disrespected by their employer as they might think that the uncleanliness was due to their employer’s lack of concern for their well-being. A good employer should give employees a sense of growth towards their career and be concern for their whole well-being.

If office uncleanliness negatively affects your employees’ work-related happiness, productivity, and health, then start implementing office cleanliness activities to boost company morale. When you allow and give your employees a chance to work in a healthy and clean environment, not only your employees will benefit—even you and your clients will.

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Written by Olivia Perez