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7 Sure Signs An Interview Is Going Well

It can be hard sometimes coming out of an interview process and wondering whether you’ve really been able to do yourself enough justice. Reliving and going over every nook and cranny of the conversation and just wondering whether or not you can expect a call back or not. And unless an interviewer literally ends the conversation with ‘when can you start?’, second guessing and overthinking is usually all we have to go on. However, there are several signs that an interviewer might will let slip in a conversation that will do wonders in letting you know that your efforts aren’t in vain and that all is going well. Ranging right across the board, picking up on any of these signs is a good indicator that you might very well be getting that call back after all.

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#1 Questions Surrounding Other Job Prospects

If an interviewer asks about any other job opportunities, it is usually a sign that they are trying to gauge just how active you are in the job hunting market. If they can get a feel that you've been presented with other job prospects, it's their warning sign that they need to step up their recruitment pacing and try to get you on board before anyone else. These questions usually show that you're a wanted individual that they have seriously taken an interest in. 

#2 How Interested You Are

Usually preluded with a slight pause, if an interviewer asks you what you think of them and their company, it's one of the best signs going. Again trying to gauge where your position is going into the conversation, it is their way of really trying to see if you would be happy joining up with their team. Linking it back to your previous experiences and learning curves, it is also one of their best ways of establishing a strong rapport and connection with you. 

#3 Chitchat

Whilst an interview process can often feel like an examination of your skills, requirements and qualifications, if the conversation turns to you on a more personal and chatty level it's a sign that you're winning your conversation partner over. By making conversation with you, the interviewer is genuinely trying to picture you more as a person in their team, and not as another somebody who has just wandered into an interview. Ultimately, if they weren't interested in you as a possible recruitment, they wouldn't waste valuable time in the interview talking about you.

#4 Using Your Name

A slightly more subtle tactic used by interviewers, using your name regularly shows that the interviewer has taken enough of an interest in you to remember some of the basics about you. Another tactic for relationship building, using your name throughout the interview can also be a sign that the interviewer is potentially picturing you in their team. 

#5 References On The Spot

References are usually only really employed and called upon by interviewers towards the back end of an employment process, so if an interviewer asks for a reference on the spot it demonstrates that they're willing to skip that stage and potentially quicken your employment. Some might be intimidated and taken back by a sudden ask for a reference, but it really is one of the best signs going in a meeting room. Once again, they wouldn't ask for one if they weren't seriously considering someone. 

#6 Overrunning

Managers and employers usually schedule interviews for a certain time of the day, with a certain duration in their head. Usually this is so that they don't eat into their other day-to-day responsibilities and jobs, so naturally if you notice an interview getting to the lengthy stages it's another good sign. Overrunning an interview is one of the more obvious signs that an interviewer is so engrossed and interested in you and what you have to say that they are willing to either forget or even neglect other duties to continue talking to you. 

#7 Invites Calls/Emails

Whilst contact and business numbers are usually readily available on a company's website, being handed a phone number or an email address in the flesh and genuinely being invited to ask questions and get in contact is a great sign to be shown by an interviewer. Attempting to make sure that you are still interested and engaged, it's a great way for interviewers to ensure that a candidate feels like they are looked after and wanted. 

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