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6 Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Passionate Jeep Owners

Well thought, all-terrain gift list.

Jeep people. You know which people I’m talking about, yes, you do. There seems to be this specific type of person attracted to Jeep as a brand that keep on and on talking about the features it has and feats their car can accomplish.

For these people we have a list of ideas on what gift they’d love based on their complete adoration of the Jeep Machine, here it is.

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#1 Eat Your Coffee – Gluten-Free Caffeinated Snack Bar

Eat Your Coffee Bars would make a great gift for Jeep owners! They're all about getting out there and exploring and it'll help to have some naturally energizing snacks in the glove department. As a quick overview, These bars are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and packed with 80mg of caffeine from real, fair trade roasted coffee! 

Contributor: Johnny Fayad from Eat Your Coffee

#2 TK-01 Automatic Espresso Machine

The machine (the TK-01) is fully customizable and can be MOD'd or modified like Jeeps. From the water pressure, drink temperature, bean type, grind size, milk type etc. so that the user (driver) can make their perfect cup with just one touch. 

Contributor: Jon El Kordi-Hubbard from Terra Kaffe, Inc.

#3 SUNPIE Universal Seat Cover Case

Any Jeep lover will love this gift. Storage is always hard to find in any Jeep. This universal seat cover case allows for plenty of items to be stored safely and with easy access. The inside of your Jeep is now clutter free, and you can find everything quickly when needed. 

Contributor: Gina Ferwerda from Nom News

#4 Bestop Under Seat Passenger Side Lock Box

This gift is for the true Jeep lover. It's a lock box that fits conveniently under the seat in your Jeep. When the doors are off, and you need to keep things safe and secure while you leave the vehicle for a while, this lockbox will come in quite handy. It's great when you head to the beach, no need to put the doors or top back on; simply lock valuables in this lockbox. 

Contributor: Gina Ferwerda from Nom News

#5 Roam Travel Mug

This slimmed down, 16 oz, stainless steel mug features a full vacuum body, and our patented “no look” push button top. The 360° drink top, comes equipped with a final top, rendering Roam leak-tight, so that the inside of your bag stays drier than a good gin. 

  • Easy no-look, open and close top 
  • Double wall, full vacuum 
  • 100% leak-proof with final top 
  • Fits in most auto drink-holders 
  • Patented function and design 
  • 9 tall with top on 

Contributor: Chelsea Holman from Highwave

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Written by Ben Skute