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17 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts That Will Impress Your Boyfriend In 2019

Make romance your middle name this Valentine with a smashing present for your charming boyf that will top last year’s V-Day gift.

You may have your sights set on spending quality time and creating lasting memories with your sweetheart this Valentine. We are all for that of course. But as you celebrate love, appreciation, and affection; take requisite time to get a captivating gift he’ll surely flip for.

Shoot! You didn’t forget, did you? You know what, don’t answer that: Whether you’re gift-shopping early or doing things last minute (better late than never, uh), getting the perfect Valentine gift for your boyfriend has never been this easy.

Our definitive list delineates all of the best V-Day boyf gifts for any type of man at numerous price points. They’re sure to rocket you to his stratospheric level of stellar gift-giving or show him how it’s done if he isn’t great at it.

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#1 Beaded Turtle Bracelet – Turquoise Color

This product symbolize that they are BFF and contributes to relationships. As turtles spend over a 100 years with a single partner.

Contributor: Jacques Stanbridge from TrendingGenie 

#2 Stemple Creek Ranch Valentine’s Day Gift Box

Stemple Creek Ranch is a 4th generation organic cattle ranch in Marin County, California. They raise organic, grass finished beef and lamb. They ship our meat all over the country and would love to be featured.

We have a special Valentine's Day Gift Box that is a truly fantastic and unique gift for that special person. This box is a best seller year after year, especially for boyfriends, husbands, fathers, etc.

Contributor: Jamie Marino from Stemple Creek Ranch

#6 Secura Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker

If he's still serving his morning coffee from a Keurig, update your man's tastes by getting him a french press. If you're a coffee-drinking couple, a french press is the best way to enjoy a bold roast without running to the neighborhood coffee shop. This one makes four full coffee mugs at a time so it's enough for both of you to enjoy your morning coffee fix before having to brew another pot. 

Contributor: Olinda Hassan from Twitter

#7 Cole Haan Matthew’s Backpack

Even blessed with pockets on their shirts, pants and hoodies, men always seem to be juggling papers, wallets, chargers and other daily necessities. Unlike sportier backpacks, Cole Haan melds function with everyday style. If he needs a bag that carries from the gym to the office and all social events in between, this pack is a showstopper. 

Contributor: Olinda Hassan from Twitter

#8 Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Every couple should have a portable bluetooth speaker, so if you don't, its a perfect gift that you will both enjoy. I can't think of one couple's activity that music won't be incredible for. For just listening to background music during domestic activities like couple bubble baths, cooking or cleaning, or outdoor activities like hiking, beach days or camping, a bluetooth speaker is a game-changer for couple's activities. Its wireless so you can store it in a backpack on the move, or set it nearby to enjoy the sounds of your favorite songs wherever you are. 

Contributor: Olinda Hassan from Twitter

#10 Nescafe 3 in 1 CARAMEL Coffee Latte

Nescafe 3-in-1 Latte Caramel is an instant coffee premix with creamer and sugar, with a twist of Caramel flavor. This coffee is imported from Malaysia, cannot be found in your local stores. Unlike the regular instant coffee, Nescafe Latte Caramel is smooth, creamy and frothy with the right balance of sweetness. The stick pack is twice bigger than the US version, more goodness in one stick. 

For those who like to get a quick fix of caramel coffee without visiting the coffee shop or dealing with all the clean up, this coffee will definitely make your taste buds happy and your life easier. It is also a perfect on-the-go coffee for campers, hikers, frequent travelers and mobile workers.

Contributor: Felice Lacroix from My Coffee Stix

#11 Andis Select Cut 5-Speed Adjustable Blade Clipper Kit

It is a great one-stop shop item for men as the kit includes a comb, two different reversible attachment combs for 4 different cutting lengths and stainless steel shears. 

There is an LED screen on the product as well to provide the user with control over the cutting speed, making this a nice fit for a wide range of hair types. It is also cordless! 

Contributor: Michael Horecki from Andis Company

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Written by Ben Skute