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10 Christmas Gifts For Realtors | Christmas Gifts For Real Estate Agents

If you are reading this article then you’re probably looking for a gift for the realtor/real estate agent in your life. Here are 10 awesome ideas.

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#1 Igloohome Smart Key Storage Lockbox

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Let visitors into your property any time of the day, even when you’re miles away. - Simply store your keys or keycards in the igloohome Smart Keybox, and let visitors retrieve them with a unique PIN code or Bluetooth key. It’s hosting made convenient.- Easy PIN Access- Works Offiline Out with the old, and in with the new - igloohome has brought you the world's first smart deadbolt that's offline and remotely controls access. 

Utilizing innovative technology and the free igloohome app, owners can remotely create and control multiple PIN codes and Bluetooth Keys simultaneously. Gone are the days of spare keys and awkward exchanges every time a new guest needs to enter your home. The ability to create and control new PIN codes and Bluetooth Keys from anywhere in the globe is the first of its kind, and the usability is endless. Airbnb renters can schedule visitors with ease, house repair appointments can be scheduled more flexible, and parents can confidently aide their locked-out children in their time of need. 

igloohome offers the options to create time-sensitive or one-time use codes all from the user-friendly phone app. This tamper-protected deadbolt can be installed on compatible wood doors and the sleek design isn't an eye-sore on your home. 

Contributor: Shmuli Bortunk from

#2 Potensic T18 GPS FPV RC Drone with Camera

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Realtors are essentially becoming semi-professional photographers due to the rising expectations of clients for agents to provide a one-stop-shop experience. A drone with high-resolution video capability can help set a realtor aside from their competition with incredible aerial shots for their listings.

Contributor: Daniel Huertas from Washington Capital 

#6 Bosch Compact Blaze Laser Distance Measure

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From the Contributor: For years I have struggled with measuring tape! Buyers ask me how tall, wide, long something is. For listings I need to measure the rooms: I would pull out a measuring tape, I needed ttow people to measure, and it would take several minutes to get it all figured out. Heaven forbid there were several measurements that the client wanted to take. 

This particular laser distance measure has been my saving grace. I don't think, it has ever taken me more than 5 seconds to measure something. It's small -perfect for even a small purse, it's light, precise and easy. There are several more detailed models out there, but I usually just need the distance, so this small tool is perfect! 

Contributor: Susanna Haynie from Colorado Real Estate Group

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Written by Ben Skute