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Unique Christmas Presents for Someone Who Has Everything

We all know that person who seemingly has everything. They’re practically impossible to buy for, and every year you panic about what to get them. What else would they actually want? If you’re in need of some inspiration for what to get the person who has everything, then you’re in the right place.


One of the best gifts you can give someone who has everything is experiences. Concert or theatre tickets currently have a question mark next to them, but there are other options you can give someone. Let them explore the wonders the UK has to offer. You can get London Eye discount tickets, or perhaps book them a cottage away in the countryside. You’ll be amazed at how many experience deals you can find once you start looking for them.


There are certain things that only you can give this person. Whether it’s a photo of your first night out together, a memory box inspired by a trip, or baking goodies from your homemade recipe book. Use this Christmas as a time to celebrate your relationship with this person, and how well you know them. Sentimental gifts are often the most appreciated, and don’t always have to be expensive. Of course, this present idea depends on what the person you’re buying for is like. Have a read of thoughtful ideas and go from there.


Subscription boxes really are the gifts that keep on giving. Throughout the year your loved one can get a surprise each month. There are so many subscription boxes out there, it can be hard choosing just one. Ask yourself what your friend is interested in. Think about their hobbies or what they’re most passionate about. Even the most niche interests have subscription gift choices, so you can find something just right for your friend.


For the person in your life who has everything, you don’t have to get them anything. Instead, you could give a charitable gift in their name – you can choose specific gifts, or make a general donation. Your gift can make a difference to people’s lives. There are plenty of worthy causes you can choose from.

Christmas is the time of year where we show our loved ones how much we care about them. Your gifts don’t need a big price tag to mean a lot to someone. What do you normally get the person who is impossible to buy for?

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