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18 Christmas Gifts For Guys For Under $50 ??????????

You don’t have to break the bank to get your partner something they like. Here are 18 Christmas gift ideas for him for under $50.

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#1 C3 Head Wash Foam Cleanser for Bald, Shaved, and Buzzed Heads

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Is your favorite guy hair free and carefree? This holiday, give that bald man the gift of a stellar grooming experience with C3 Head Wash, the newest, most innovative cleanser for bald and shaved domes. The pH balanced formula gently cleanses without drying, and leaves the skin smooth, hydrated and refreshed. 

It's also incredibly soothing after a shave! And you can feel great about your gift, because Comprehensive Cranium Care products are safe for humans and the environment, and are certified cruelty free and made in USA

Contributor: Adam Fitting from Comprehensive Cranium Care

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#2 The Buffalo Wool Co. Pro Gear Bison/Silk Crew Socks

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Bison socks are something you probably haven't heard of or experienced, but Dad would probably flip out at both the thought of wearing something made from bison and the seriously warm, surprisingly soft comfort that they give, even under the most extreme conditions. 

We have been very aggressive about testing these in some serious climates, we spend a lot of time in Alaska, working with the people who have to be out in some crazy cold temps for extended periods of time, focusing on outfitting Iditarod mushers, commercial fishermen in Alaska, hikers, hunters, and wildlife photographers. 

We have even placed two sock/glove vending machines at the airport in Anchorage, marketing to the workers going up to the oilfields on the north slope. 

Contributor: Ron Miskin from The Buffalo Wool Co. 

#3 Workvie Hand Pain Relief Set

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So many people are working hard and the time they spend on the computer and their phones can be causing numbing, tingling or pain in their hands and fingers. Plus men also do a lot of manual household labor and often lift weights. This set will help sooth their tired hands. As a wife, I know a guy wouldn’t ask for this, but once they try it they are very grateful to have it. 

Contributor: Annabel Mendez from Workvie 

#14 Swing Coach SCI-CORE Real-Feel Indoor-Outdoor Golf Practice Ball

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SCI-CORE golf balls allow you to practice on the go. They are the heaviest and best indoor practice golf balls on the market weighing in at 20.5 grams for a more realistic feel and allows a maximum flight of 130 yards on full swings. You can use SCI-CORE practice balls with Swing Coach or your regular clubs. SCI-CORE is the perfect ball for indoor golf instruction and a great solution for short game practice in the comfort of your own backyard. 

Contributor: Kelly Rose from Kelly Rose Media

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Written by Ben Skute