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5 Pieces Of Advice On Career Progression While A Student

Many people think that they don’t have to start considering their career until after graduation. They are most certainly wrong, you can get a jump on the competition by pursuing your career goals well before graduation.

We reached out to employment experts to get their take on what students can do to progress their career while still in full-time education.

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#1 Get Involved

Get involved on campus! Being involved on-campus shows hiring teams your leadership and involvement. While not working directly, your commitment to a club or organization is a great way to demonstrate team work, professionalism, and the ability to work collaborative while building consensus.

Contributors: Tara D. Carter from Williams, Adley & Company

#2 Get On Committees

My campaign to be elected Events & Activities Officer at Hereford College of Arts Student Union in England was mainly focused on minority access to events, which I felt passionate about. In the year after I was voted in to the role I gained a lot of business skills, and was trained to handle things like budgets and risk assessments. Ultimately I achieved what I said I wanted to do and was re-elected the following year, this time as the HCASU President! My work to create a stronger community hadn’t gone unnoticed.

Contributors: Nuala Hussey from Nuala Hussey Art

#3 Volunteering

Consider some volunteer and unpaid internship experiences. Although funds are tight for a lot of people, recruiters and HR personnel recognize these opportunities, especially if they align with your career aspirations, as a commitment toward your career and success.

Contributors: Tara D. Carter from Williams, Adley & Company

#4 Connect

Connect with industry leaders by conducting Informational Interviews. Many leaders are open to sharing their insights with up and coming superstars and with the advancement of LinkedIn and Google, students have industry leaders one search away. Consider reaching out to leaders for an informational interview. However, be cognizant of time by limiting your interview questions. If you are considering becoming a travel nurse, this way, you can gain the necessary knowledge about compact states and travel nurse license requirements.

Contributors: Tara D. Carter from Williams, Adley & Company

#5 Build A Professional Network

Build a professional network. As they say, “your network is your net worth.” Networking can lead to incredible opportunities. Make as many connections as possible with professors, committee advisors, member of organizations both on and off-campus. Set up a LinkedIn account and connect with people. Seek out career advice, mentorship and recommendations. Pursue opportunities to sit down and talk to those excelling in your desired career or working for a company you’re interested in. Building a network during college will make your life much easier after graduation and could be the difference between being unemployed and landing your dream job.

Contributors: Crystal McFerran from Velo IT Group

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