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Do You Want to Get a Dream Job? Start with Professional Flight Training!

Ah, yes… becoming an airline pilot is on a bucket list of many daydreamers. Those clouds during sunset. Comfortable travels all over the world. So glamorous and exceptional. But did you know that getting a real-deal flying license is actually in your grasp? Let’s talk about it. Let’s see what the life of aircraft pilots really looks like and what can be found in a modern flight school.

The pilot’s life

There are many myths about this profession. People tend to see all the superficial things and forget that being an aviator is a difficult job that requires a lot from a man. This career path is not for everyone. The benefits can be very rewarding, that’s true, but even the best pilots with years of experience always feel the weight of responsibility they’re carrying on their shoulders while flying aircraft charters. Sometimes risky decisions must be made in a very short amount of time and under tremendous pressure. That requires character, a certain set of skills… and professional Flight Training, that is.

Pilot training step by step

Alright. Now, that we have cleared that out, let’s focus on the aviation course. Yes, it is possible to get started with zero experience. The thing is, nowadays everyone can adjust the program for their particular needs. This is called the modular training. Students who wonder how to become a pilot can start with the basics and complete the full course gradually, step by step, with some breaks in the middle. Each module is independent of the other, so there’s no problem with loosing something. That’s a very comfortable solution for people who are not in a hurry.

For those who want to take a more direct path, an integrated Flight Training was designed. It is a full length course that requires no aviation experience in the beginning, but allows you to fly at the end. After just 18 months of successful training, a graduate receives a frozen Air Transport Pilot Licence that is issued according to EASA standards. That’s quite enough to get a job as a First Officer in European airlines.

The best flight schools in Europe

There are some guidelines to find the facility that can offer good quality flying courses. Take a look at the number of pilots trained. If it’s more than a 1000… well, that has to stand for something, right? The number of operations per year also matters. More than 20000 is the number to look for. In addition to all that, a good school will be on the market for more than 10 years. That’s a very important indication because it tells you graduates from that particular aviation school are actually good at flying. If they weren’t the facility would not be allowed to train new pilots. So, put all those factors together, and you will find the best place to start your Flight Courses with BartoliniAIR and make your dream job come true.

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Written by Maguire Haigh

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