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What Happens When Business Leaders Get Involved in Their Communities

When business executives actively engage in community outreach, it can have positive impacts that go beyond the act of giving itself. Here are four great results industry leaders can achieve when they get involved.

It Proves Their Actions Speak Louder Than Words

It’s easy for heads of industry to talk a good game about caring for their communities, but those with stand-out leadership put that talk into action. Getting involved shows that you aren’t afraid to be decisive and clear about issues that matter, and that you back the role businesses should take in tackling community needs.

Take, for example, former DaVita Inc. executive Kent Thiry, who established the CEO group Colorado Thrives in 2016. Rather than sit on the sidelines, he saw the need to improve the quality of life for Coloradans statewide. With that in mind, he harnessed his knowledge and connections to work toward meaningful change. The organization he established joins entrepreneurs and innovators together in an effort to positively impact the state’s economic and social mobility.

It Benefits the Business’s Bottom Line

Involvement brings attention, so actively engaging with the community while you’re running a business is a wise way to build awareness of your brand. Participating in fundraising events puts your name in front of eyes that may not otherwise have seen it, and interest in your company increases for those who favor doing business with enterprises that are giving-oriented.

Being active in the community can also make you more appealing to top talent when you’re recruiting, aiding you in attracting the best and the brightest job candidates who want to be involved with an impactful organization. Better employees tend to be more innovative and more productive, adding a further potential boost to profitability.

It Increases Employee Engagement

Not only can community outreach improve your chances of attracting top job candidates, but it can also help you retain quality employees who might be tempted to look for opportunities elsewhere. A recent survey showed that 80% of HR managers reported that their company’s activity in the community helped them keep workers on board.

This is particularly true if your involvement includes a component of employee participation. Staff members enjoy the bonding and sense of connection that results from joining together and volunteering for a worthwhile cause.

It Strengthens Business Partnerships

Community involvement presents many natural opportunities for networking. The more your business is out there, the more likely it is that you’ll connect with other like-minded leaders with whom you can foster strong working relationships. You may identify chances to collaborate and exchange ideas with other executives with whom you might not otherwise communicate, and you’ll establish your organization as having the type of positive reputation with which other businesses like to be associated.

Effective outreach can have a wide impact on organizations. From demonstrating the leadership necessary to take action to boosting profits to fostering stronger relationships with employees and other businesses, getting involved in the community can be a very beneficial move for almost any company leader.

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