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Importance of Video Editing in 2022

Time is moving, but with it, everything else is moving too – especially in the media industry. Gone are the days when huge billboards could bring the advertising game in your favour, now with the entry of social media and digital entertainment, things are changing – for the better.

A few years ago, when Instagram was just launched, the focus was on constant media – in other words, pictures. But now, as in recent years, YouTube and Instagram have fetched the crown for themselves; we’re moving to a generation that has begun to give extra attention to videos. Let’s just face it, shooting a video is sure to be challenging, but editing a video is something on another level. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea – you need the expertise and the creative intellect for it.

So, if you are a business owner who wants your business to grow, you cannot undermine the essence of video editing and video editors- especially in 2022. We’ll give you all the reasons why.

7 Reasons Why Video Editors will Dominate 2022

1. Digital media is now the backbone of many businesses

You would have had to invest millions in advertisement campaigns for marketing your products a few years ago. But now, with Instagram, it’s a relief to the pocket because you can market and advertise your products with meagre or no financial investment at all.

Now what has become trivial is forming your own network on social media. Setting up a business account on Instagram and other social media channels requires no investment. Creating content and editing it, however, does require some investment, but it is any day lower than what you would spend on high-end marketing campaigns.

In the last decade, many small businesses have grown and expanded through their social media channels with the use of content creation, consistency and engagement with no heavy expenditure. Wonder how that worked for them?

It’s simple – they made their products reach a wider audience through social media. They interacted, impressed followers, and landed clients.

2. Perfection has become mandatory

They say perfection is a myth, but it’s not in the digital media industry. You cannot settle for anything less. The content has to be perfect. What makes it perfect is – editing.

For a video to be perfect, it needs to have a good concept. Still, more importantly, it needs to have the best shots, a smooth flow and captivating aesthetics – all of which can be worked out with offline and online video editors, and most importantly editing skills.

3. You would want to be taken seriously

If you are a business person who wants to generate leads through social media channels, it’s a no-brainer that you would want the audience to take you seriously. In other words, you wouldn’t want to give out the impression that you are not systematic and professional in your work.

A video communicates just that – whether you are a professional or not. A well-edited video with good aesthetics always leaves a good impression on the viewers. A lot rests on that for your business. Your potential customers would not be keen on investing in your brand if the output, in this case, your digital products like pictures and video posts, is not satisfactory.

4. Videos are the new marketing tools

Even though Instagram Reels have just been introduced in 2021, one thing is certainly clear – they are here to stay. According to various stats and figures, users view reels more than conventional posts.

So, what does that mean for your business? It’s simple – you cannot afford to miss out on this cool feature. It has now become one of the strongest tools for boosting engagement. As more people will see the video, the more will be the engagement, aka, your chances of reaching out would be tremendously increased. Not to mention, videos are a tool for acquainting your followers about the products and convincing them to buy them. Thus, it will help you generate leads.

Nevertheless, as reels are videos, you have to focus your content creation strategy towards the creation of videos. When you do that, it’s a given that you need good offline and online video editor and editing services before you hit the “Post” button.

5. Aesthetics are important

If you are operating as a small business selling products – you know aesthetics are pivotal. If your aesthetics are good, your product would definitely be captivating in the eyes of the customer. And let’s just face it, sometimes good aesthetics are all a customer needs to have to make them hit the “Buy Now” button.

6. Quality Over Quantity

As a small business or an influencer, it won’t be surprising to find that you want to regularly post multiple posts. But think again, what good would multiple low-quality posts do? That’s why almost all the leading businesses and influencers are now focussing on quality, all because one good quality video is more likely to be in the eyeballs than a hundred low-quality ones. Not to mention, For Instagram’s algorithm, quality has always had the upper hand. It likes videos that are not only engaging but high quality.

This is where video editing comes in. You can imagine it as a magic wand that can turn low-quality, poorly shot videos into something astonishing and high quality.

7. Humans are not perfect

Imagine this, you are shooting a video, and after ten minutes of doing everything perfectly, you mess up. You’re running out of time, and you cannot reshoot and start from scratch all over again.

This is where editing comes in as a blessing in disguise because it allows you to edit, rework and remove all the parts you do not want. Not just that, a video is bound by a time limit, so to stick with that, editing helps.

What humans cannot do, editing software can.

The Last Word

Times change. We don’t know what will dominate in 2022 and in the years to come. But the role of videos in marketing won’t change anytime soon. So, this goes without saying: If you are looking to grow, don’t hesitate from investing in video editing. All your effort will eventually pay off with a good video!

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Written by Marcus Richards

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