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How to Overcome Intimate Problems as a Couple

Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection strong enough for satisfactory sexual intercourse and is a common and distressing symptom, affecting up to a third of all adult men.
There are several factors that can be associated with the onset of sexual impotence in men and these factors can be physical, psychological or both at the same time.

In addition to sexual problems, couple conflicts are common among couples of men who have erectile dysfunction. These problems can worsen sexual impotence and negatively affect the treatment process. Not being honest with your partner about your sexual problems will only make things worse.

Impact of Erectile Dysfunction on Relationship

Erectile dysfunction can bring strong emotional consequences to a relationship that was previously stable and sexually active. For example, in a survey more than a third of women said that sexual dysfunction had a negative effect on their relationship.
In another study, it was found that the levels of decreased sexual satisfaction in women were directly related to the severity of their partner’s erectile dysfunction. That is, the stronger the symptoms of sexual impotence in men, the less sexually satisfied women are.
Because of this, treatment for erectile dysfunction should also be viewed as part of comprehensive couples therapy. It is important to reassure your partner that erectile dysfunction is a medical problem and that it is not his fault and that it is not his fault. Therefore reassure your partner that you are still attractive to him and that you want to work together to find a treatment.

Importance of Sexuality

Maintaining a happy sex life within a relationship requires more than just an erection, for example, in one study, women were asked what is their favorite part of intercourse? Only 37% reported penetration as their favorite part, while the majority (60%) reported foreplay or foreplay as their favorite part of sex.
As you and your partner seek the correct treatment for erectile dysfunction, take the opportunity to experiment sexually with each other and find other ways to be intimate, even when an erection is not possible. It’s good to try something other than just penetrative sex for a while. Even a romantic dinner or a walk through your favorite place might strengthen the bond that unites you.
During sex they should not focus on getting an erection, the more creativity they have the better, they can include oral sex or sex toys like a vibrator. That variety in sex can ease performance-related stress in bed and help connect you as a couple.

How to Talk About Erectile Dysfunction?

Talking about erectile dysfunction isn’t easy, but if you ignore the problem, not only won’t it go away, it’s likely to get worse. Remember that good communication is key to a strong relationship and is an essential element for the development of your sexuality as a couple.

Choose a comfortable place and take time to talk with your partner

When problems occur in the bedroom, it is better to talk about them in another place, taking time to talk and choosing a place with a relaxed atmosphere is the best option.

Be honest with each other

Talking about erectile dysfunction is the time to talk frankly about what is going on in your life; marital problems or stress and depression can be important factors when it comes to sexual impotence, as can drugs and alcohol, if you need help to get out of an addiction situation or problems with anxiety, depression or stress, this is the time to be honest and lose the fear of talking about it.

Explain what you feel as clearly as possible

Reassure your partner that you want to find a solution, but that you need their support and commitment to find the right treatment, no matter the severity or physical cause of your erectile dysfunction, there are solutions to help you regain your sex life and self-confidence themselves.

Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Discussing your situation with a doctor who specializes in treating erectile dysfunction, such as a urologist, can help you and your partner understand the cause of your problem and assess solutions that may work best for you.
As many men are hesitant to tell their doctor about their personal problems, in this case, the patience can consider trying some natural sexual enhancers.

Lastly, modern medicine has answers to all kinds of sexual disorders. Problems like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or women’s sexual dysfunction can be easily treated.
You have probably heard of Viagra, the magical blue pill by Pfizer. Since it’s discovery in 90ties, there have been produced so many new forms of ED medicine. A good example is Kamagra, manufactured by Ajanta Pharmaceutical mainly for the treatment of men Impotence. This pill has been proven to be even more effective than Viagra and has little to no side effect.

Most of ED pills contains Sildenafil Citrate, active substance that works by dilating blood vessels particularly in genital area. Improved blood flow will deliver hard and long lasting erection. Treatment time of one dose of Kamagra is from 4-6 hours and it will become effective in 30 to 60 minutes.
Kamagra is not and aphrodisiac, and it must be remembered that for Kamagra to work against erectile dysfunction, it is necessary for the man to receive sexual stimulation from his partner.
You can buy Kamagra from trusted online pharmacy. Kamagra can be ordered as a nonprescription or over the counter medicine in many EU countries. Some online pharmacies like supports crypto payments. This way, you don’t have to associate your credit card or PayPal account with this kind of privacy-sensitive purchases.

The most of ED medicine have none or mild side effects, however, ED drugs are not suitable for everyone. Especially patients undergoing some other medical treatments (high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.) should discuss any ED treatment with the doctor.

In Conclusion:

Above all, it is good to have an emotionally supportive partner. It is very important to know that the person you love and who loves you is on your side in coping and overcoming any of yours problem. Remember, it’s not a shame to talk about your problem and if all other solutions will fail, the modern medicine has some answers too. However, it’s always advised to discuss more severe stages of any sexual dysfunctions with your doctor.

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