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Is Sleeping in Separate Beds Harming Your Relationship?

In many scenarios, both mental health and physical health start and end with sleep. Not getting enough sleep can cause chronic back and joint pains, decreased immune function, and an array of ailments and complications.

Furthermore, sleep deprivation can lead to irritability, anxiety, and depression. And that’s not even the worse part! Sleep deprivation not only affects people who don’t get enough sleep but also their loved ones. This means if you don’t get enough night’s sleep, your relationship is bound to suffer too.

How does sleep deprivation affect relationships?

Lack of quality sleep, especially in couples, has a profound effect on their sex lives. Quality sleep balances your body’s hormone levels. But when you can’t sleep well, your stress levels hormone rise, and your sleep hormone levels reduce, resulting in sexual dysfunction.

We can’t also forget the arguments. Couples who don’t receive enough sleep tend to argue a lot, and there’s always a lot of tension in their relationship. This is because of mental issues brought about by sleep deprivation. A good night’s sleep is the best single thing in a relationship, in addition to love.

What causes sleep deprivation in couples sleeping together?

Body heat, restless legs, varying sleeping schedules, and the desire for personal space are some of the reasons why some couples prefer sleeping apart, whether in separate rooms or the same room but separate beds. Couples may not notice but the quality of sleeping together sometimes reflects the condition of a mattress. A low standard bed tends to prevent couples from getting good sleep, leading to the point of sleep deprivation.

At least one in six couples who live together sleep apart and over 85% have slept apart for more than a year. The fact is, over 50% of sleep disturbance issues in couples are caused by sharing a bed.

Sleeping apart and relationships

Most individuals sleep worse with a partner, but they still prefer sleeping with their partner rather than alone. This is a sign that most people value the comfort and security they derive from sleeping with their partners, even when they snore.

However, other couples prefer sleeping apart. If you’re sleeping with a partner who snores or hogs the duvet, then it makes perfect sense to sleep in a different bed or room to avoid resentment and frustration. The annoying nocturnal habit might become torture, leading you to resent your partner.

When one partner fails to get enough sleep because the other partner sleeps worse. He or she might become restless, which can set into motion a dangerous cycle of sleep issues, resulting in relationship problems and eventually harming the relationship.

Less sleep can mean more stress in a relationship

While there are people who believe sleeping apart hurts a relationship, the opposite can also be true.

Even when you’re not aware of it, having your sleeping schedule disrupted by your partner may induce a negative feeling toward them. Like when your partner kicks off the duvet, causing you to wake up.

Holding someone accountable for something they have no control over can lead to serious conflict in a relationship, resulting in anger, dissatisfaction, and resentment.

However, if you’re not blaming your partner for your lack of sleep, then your lack of sleep can cause serious relationship and health problems as well as affecting your work success.

If you’re not sleeping well, regardless of the reason, you can experience cognitive changes that increase irritability and moodiness, which are often taken out on the people you love. You might end up doing things that you won’t have done if you slept well.

Lack of enough sleep can make it hard for individuals to process emotions. For couples, this means miscommunication and even arguments that can harm the relationship.

Therefore, if you’re having sleeping problems because of your pattern’s sleeping habit. Having a solo shut-eye can help you save your relationship and also your life.

Not sleeping together doesn’t mean “not sleeping together”

People usually refer to sex as “Sleeping together”, but they’re two unfamiliar words. It’s important to remember this if you and your partner are sleeping in separate rooms or beds.

Sleeping apart doesn’t mean you won’t get to enjoy sex, it only means that you have to put in more effort in planning and committing.

Furthermore, planning or scheduling sex sound fun and enjoyable since more effort and thought goes into the experience.

Although it’s not always necessary to schedule, you can try to introduce an element of spontaneity. Including such elements keeps your relationship interesting.

Final thought

You must remember that sleeping together doesn’t always save a relationship any more than sleeping apart destroys a relationship.

Sleep is essential to everyone. But what’s even more important than that is loving each other enough to try something new that makes your lives much easier.

Also, discuss your new sleeping arrangement with your partner before taking the step toward sleeping apart.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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