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Gifts You Can Give Your Employees To Boost Your Business

With the Great Resignation looming and a labor shortage affecting a number of industries, many employers are wondering what they can do to ensure their business is fully staffed and that they’re able to retain their employees. Showing employees they’re valued and that you care about their well-being can make a big difference in the way they feel about their job. Being known as a generous employer who invests in their employees will also help you attract the best talent for any openings you have. If you want to improve morale and productivity, keep reading to hear about some gifts you can give your employees to boost your business.

What gifts can you give your employees to boost your business?

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One way you can give your employees a gift is by making their jobs easier. As your business grows and expands, it often results in more pressure and work for your staff. This be an issue particularly when it comes to managing incoming phone traffic. A predictive dialer system will make outgoing calls automatically, even before you have an available agent at your call center. Not only will customers be more satisfied with their service, but a predictive dialer will also increase agent productivity and efficiency by eliminating the need for them to manually find and input the next number on their call list.

If you work in an office with a dress code or that requires formal attire, you can help employees save money on their wardrobe by providing some thoughtful basics like bespoke ties or a quality suit jacket. Anything that isn’t one-size-fits-all should include a gift receipt in case they need to make an exchange. This can be a perfect way to welcome new employees to the company.

When asked about what gifts they’d most like to receive, most employees say that a financial bonus is one of the most appreciated and useful gifts. Gift cards to popular retailers like Amazon are also a solid pick. Another common suggestion was additional paid time off, either to spend time with family or take a break after a busy time of year. Allowing your employees to relax and recharge is essential if you want them to do their best work.


If there is one thing that would make someone feel good about their position is the inclusion of bonuses like massages for employees. Physical and mental stress is a big problem in many jobs and offering your employees a free massage would be an amazing bonus to a job where you sit at a desk all day breaking your posture. More and more jobs are offering this benefit and it just makes perfect sense that if the body is relaxed so is the mind.

What perks and benefits will help improve employee happiness?

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With the labor shortage continuing to complicate hiring in many industries, many business owners are wondering what they can do to give themselves an edge when it comes to finding and retaining employees. Employer student loan repayment assistance is quickly becoming one of the most popular benefits for younger people, especially in fields that require a degree. Millions of people are burdened by student debt that can significantly affect their quality of life and ability to take care of themselves.

Another major selling point for employees is the ability to work from home either all the time or occasionally. A surprising 41 percent of workers say they would prefer not to return to the office. If you have employees whose job duties don’t require coming in, offering them even just a little more flexibility will help. Hybrid workplaces are becoming increasingly common, and it’s worth exploring whether or not your business could benefit from going remote on a partial or full-time basis.

Employees are starting to be more choosy about where they work, and businesses will need to adapt if they want to succeed in this new landscape. A good place to start would be investing in the tools your staff needs to do their jobs more easily and efficiently. Though it may seem obvious, employees have been clear that bonuses and additional PTO are their biggest desires. A robust benefits package is also becoming more and more necessary for businesses that are serious about hiring qualified workers. Some of these ideas may require a financial investment, but the rewards are well worth the cost.

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