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5 Ways To Diversify Your Masturbation Tonight

Contrary to what some people say, masturbation is an entirely healthy sexual activity. Of course, masturbating over excessively can come with adverse effects, but that’s the case with everything. Also, keep in mind that masturbation is more than just a way to pleasure yourself. It’s often a gateway to understand how your body works and how to improve your sex life.

Besides, there are many scientifically proven health benefits of masturbation – from reducing blood pressure and cortisol levels to boosting your self-esteem. However, if your self-pleasure sessions do not bring you as much joy as they used to, it is time to think of something to improve the process rather than leave your sexual health behind.

Below, you will find several masturbation tips to improve your quality time alone.

Try New Positions

It is not a secret that the intensity of your body sensations and your overall sensitivity changes depending on the position you choose for sex or masturbation. Moreover, regular interchanging of these positions ensures that your body’s various erogenous zones are equally (and actively) appreciated and avoid the possibility of being stuck in a masturbation rut. Here is what you can try during your next solo session:


As the vaginal stimulation may be more challenging for reaching the orgasm, you want to find the most convenient position to locate your G-spot – a zone of immense pleasure on your vaginal wall. Squatting makes everything much more manageable, giving you the best angle to stimulate your G-spot with “come hither” motions of your fingers or using sex toys.

Besides, if you are already using a dildo or vibrator for this position, make sure to diversify them as well. Consider squirting dildos for the next time if you are up to a more realistic self-pleasure experience or rabbit vibrators to ensure that your clitoris is also having a good time.

Lying On Your Stomach

Undoubtedly, the most comfortable position for clitoral stimulation is lying on your back, especially if you have a sex pillow to support it. However, rolling over on your stomach will allow you to put more body weight and pressure on your hands. As a result, you can create more friction against the clitoris, intensifying the sensations.

Use Your Imagination

One of the surest and most beneficial ways to reach an orgasm is reducing as many distractions as possible. In this case, put aside the usual arousal tools you use – like porn, erotic pictures, or sex toys. Instead, concentrate on your body sensations alone. It may take some more time to turn yourself on, but slowing down and making masturbation a mindful process opens up even more opportunities.

You do not need much to start discovering yourself. Using your mind (and fingers) only and following where your fantasies lead you will let you figure out a lot more about your desires and preferences than by watching other people on video.

Switch the Focus

You probably already have your to-go position and even a set of motions that will do the work in a couple of minutes. Instead of sticking to this protocol, save it for later next time, and pick an erogenous zone other than the clitoris.

Try to start your solo session by stimulating an unobvious area – for example, your nipples, which often remain neglected during masturbation. Applying a bit of balm or just paying enough attention to them can bring not only new sensations (yes, it’s always about the new sensations!), but also completely change your masturbation routine.

Another great masturbation technique is called “layering.” This method implies focusing on the area surrounding one of your most sensitive spots to build-up as much tension as possible, and only then move directly to it.

Don’t Stop

Multiple orgasms are the greatest gift evolution has prepared for women, and in this case, make sure you indeed take what you get. With that in mind, instead of getting back to your life immediately after you have climaxed, devote some time to try at least one more time. As mentioned above, having multiple orgasms is a privilege. Don’t waste it.

Mutual Masturbation

Getting your partner involved in the masturbation process can be no less tempting and seductive than using any sex stuff on your own. Mutual masturbation is a beneficial option both for long and short-term relationships. Moreover, it is a fantastic tool used in sex therapy to get rid of your body complexes and open up to your partner.

You can try it by lying side by side or sitting in front of each other for a full-frontal face-off. While everyone is meant to touch themselves, do not hesitate to verbalize your feelings and emotions as they come naturally, or share your thoughts and desires with your partner for a better masturbation experience.

Final Note

Masturbation should be indeed an integral part of your self-care routine, as one of the most gratifying ways to express self-love and enjoy your time alone. Our brain always tends to look for the most straightforward and convenient ways to achieve the goal – that is why some things may become mundane over time.

Fortunately, masturbation has plenty to offer, even if you think you have tried everything already. It is an excellent tool for stress-relief, restful sleep, and boosting your mood. Apart from this, while masturbating, you get to know yourself better, find your satisfaction triggers, and develop their sensitivity.

As they say – practice makes perfect.

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