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There In Spirit – How To Be A Fantastic Virtual Wedding Guest In 5 Easy Steps

Some people have found adapting to virtual events somewhat easy to do, but for countless others, it remains a challenge. The virtual wedding, in particular, is something many will struggle to get used to as this event is so deeply rooted in participation and community. If you’ve got one coming up and are concerned about the etiquette and how to proceed about it, don’t fret. Here are five simple steps guaranteed to help you feel comfortable during your loved ones’ virtual wedding:

1. Order Your Presents Online

The gifts area and a store registry are traditional wedding features that will not be a part of your upcoming event. This doesn’t mean you should forego gifting the couple a personal, physical item they can both enjoy during their married life. It just means you’ll need to prioritize the delivery of your wedding present so that it reaches the couple before the big day!

You can find quality cookware sets online, as well as other kitchenware and homewares. Ask the online store to leave a personalized message, or order the items to your address so you can wrap and decorate before sending them off to the couple. Either way, you need to get started ASAP to avoid late deliveries!

2. Save The Date And Online Link

If this is your first virtual wedding, chances are you’re not used to putting web links and online accessibility details in your calendar when you save the date. Do this immediately so you are not searching for passwords or applications during the wedding. Save the details on all your devices, and on paper, so the information is easy to find on the day. Likewise, if the wedding is going to be streamed on an online platform you don’t already have installed, then make sure to download it well ahead of time.

3. Practice Using The Streaming Platform

Familiarize yourself with the streaming platform and any applications that will be used to broadcast the wedding. This way, you can relax on the wedding day as you’re unlikely to have any technical issues to deal with. To practice, you can look at free online tutorials on Youtube, check the ‘Help’ section of the applications, read FAQs and written tutorials, and ask friends who have used it for advice. Finally, you might need a streaming camera to ensure they can still see you with good video quality while exchanging their vows and witnessing their wedding ceremony.

4. Help Other Guests With All Of These Steps

Whether it’s other members of your household or any other attendee you know, check with everyone before the wedding to make sure they are across all these steps too. If you find out they are struggling or confused about anything, lend them a hand. This will help minimize the chances of any of you experiencing tech troubles during the wedding, thus allowing everyone to stay in the moment.

5. Dress Up And Keep Your Camera On

When the big day comes, your only concerns should be dressing up, feeling good, and enjoying this special event. If there’s a video conference or a stream for guests, this is not a time to be camera shy. The couple and other attendees will want to see their loved ones, so keep your camera on! Do make sure to keep your microphone muted, though, so other guests can hear the wedding procession.

By following these five easy steps, you’ll be able to enjoy the virtual wedding and focus on what matters most – the happy couple’s milestone moment and spending time with your dear ones.

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