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Unconventional Gifts for All Occasions


Be it a birthday, anniversary, work promotion, Christmas, wedding, or anything else coming up, one of the toughest things is to choose a gift for your loved ones. You could always go with boring gifts, such as roses, chocolates, watches, perfumes – but where’s the fun in that? How do you actually make someone feel special with a thoughtful gift?

You do that with an unconventional gift, which could be anything original like playing their favorite song on the piano or learning to cook their favorite dish when you don’t even know how to cook. Let’s go over some of the most unconventional and unique gifts you can give for any occasion.

Island Falls Home Zen Garden Kit

Everybody can benefit from a little Zen magic in their lives, and you can give your loved ones a pleasant and serene experience with this Zen Garden Kit. It features a small Zen garden-in-a-box, featuring 11 objects that you can arrange in any way you like. It includes cherry blossom trees, a stone bridge, rocks, flowers, moss, and much more. Plus, it also has six bamboo rakes that you can use on the surface of the box, and it gives you the most calming experience ever. The kit also comes with a small booklet highlighting the history of Zen gardens.

IYUT 3-in-1 LED Ceiling Galaxy Light Projector

The best way to show someone how much you love them is to take them to the stars – or bring the stars to their room! With this wonderful ceiling galaxy light protector, you’ll be able to project the animated night sky onto the ceiling, which is a mesmerizing display with various lighting colors, speed settings and brightness levels as well. The best part is that you can also connect your smartphone to it through Bluetooth or USB and play your favorite songs as you gaze at the stars in your room.

New York Times Custom Birthday Book

The New York Times Custom Birthday Book is the ultimate unconventional gift, and it helps you truly celebrate the day your friend or loved one came into this world. It’s a coffee table hardback book with the name and birthdate of the person you’re giving it to. When they open the book, they’re greeted with the front page of the New York Times from the day they were born. As they flip each page, they get the front pages of every New York Times that was printed on their birthday. It’s a fun way to find about important historical events that coincide with one’s birthday.

Skoove Membership

If your friend or loved one is a music enthusiast, there’s no better gift for them than a Skoove membership. Skoove is a full-fledged AI-based piano learning app that’ll help them start (or even further!) their piano journey; Skoove uses Artificial intelligence to give you personalized feedback tailored to your specific opportunity areas, while teaching basic music theory topics such as chords and piano arpeggios, helping you become the best pianist you can be.

Spaghetti Monster Colander Strainer by OTOTO

OTOTO’s Spaghetti Monster Colander Strainer is the perfect gift for people who love to cook, especially if they’re spaghetti enthusiasts. It has cute googly eyes on its long handles, which are bound to make them giggle whenever they take it out of the cabinet. It can be used to strain pasta, vegetables, rice, and many other food items with ease. The strainer is made from high-quality durable plastic, and its normal size makes it suitable for use in the kitchen.

Sharper Image Light Up Electronic Word Clock

This is one of the most unconventional and unique gifts you can find for your loved ones, because many of them won’t even know that something like this even exists! This electronic word clock looks like a word search board, but it has LED backlit letters on it that light up according to the time. It tells time in five-minute intervals so unless your friend counts every second of their day, they’ll love glancing at this clock in their home or workplace. Plus, it’s so unique that everyone will be coming over to take a closer look at it.

ChopSabers Light Up LightSaber Chopsticks

These Lightsaber Chopsticks may be the only gift in the world that can be given to someone who loves both Star Wars and sushi! Made from BPA-free food-safe materials, these chopsticks can be used for sushi and all other types of food items. You can even take them to restaurants, and you’ll be the center of attention for sure. These chopsticks are available in different colors, and they also come with batteries. Just make sure you and your friend don’t start a lightsaber battle in the middle of dinner!

Exotic Veggies Growing Kit

If someone you know has a love for gardening, then this Exotic Veggies Growing Kit is just the thing to give to them as a gift. It has a complete set of pots, soil, plant markers and even a moisture meter, so they can take proper care of their plants. The package includes seeds for purple baby carrots, sunshine zucchini, rainbow chard, and watermelon radish. It also provides them with comprehensive instructions on how to plant the seeds, so that they can grow the perfect vegetables.

Final Thoughts

Giving someone a gift is a wonderful experience, not just for the recipient, but for the giver also. One thing to always remember is that no matter what the occasion is and who you’re buying the gift for, the sentiment matters more than the price tag, and the thoughtfulness is what makes any gift valuable.

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