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How Do I Choose The Right Hair Color For Clip In Hair Extensions?

Occasional coloring or hair damages the hair. However, if you like coloring your hair often to try fresh new looks with unique hairstyles think about buying Remy clip in hair extensions instead. This is proven to be an excellent alternative to coloring hair quite often and very easily you can have a fresh hairstyle by attaching the clip in extensions of various colors, textures, styles, and types such as 3c hair. You have got to choose the right color of the clip extensions that all suit you best.

Here, let’s explore a few more information about choosing the right hair color for clip in hair extensions:

Clip-in hair extensions have many different colors

To shop the best clip in hair extensions, visit the websites where they create an eCommerce platform to sell directly. The websites cater clip in hair extensions of various colors. For instance, if you choose to purchase Remy clip in hair extensions, the website displays a huge array of human hair clip-in extensions of different colors such as ombre, solid, highlighted extensions of usual hair color and funky neons, balayage color, and more.

How to choose the right color?

Find the hair color group you belong to 

Before shopping randomly, you first be aware of the hair color group you belong to. Depending on your skin tone, age, and facial cut, using the hair extensions clips will be helpful. For instance, if you’ve got a white skin tone and blonde- you should try to pick the hair color that will be suitable for your looks.

Even if you wish to stunt your friends by being a brunette, make sure it’s not looking artificial. Try ombre or go for a few highlights instead of turning into a different person. Gradually shift to a bold color.

Either you can do your share of research on your own or you can consult with the online chat support of the brand’s website. They would love to answer all your shopping-related queries and ready to assist you throughout the shopping.

Focus on hair color: Warm or Cold

While choosing the clip in human hair extensions focus on the hair color pattern. Would you like to wear a warm color or a cold color? That all depend on the occasion you choose to wear the clip in extensions. However, the warm or cold colored hair extension clip on should also go with your personality.

If you’re attending a party, wear a few highlights along with the LBD you choose to wear. For a corporate board meeting, you can choose a different set of highlighted hair extensions that will be cold and will go excellently if you create a bun or leave the hair untied.

Image by HEON CHANG from PixabayMatch the color of the hair extensions to the ends of your hair, not the roots

The color of the real hair clip in extensions should be close to the end of your hair. Even if the roots don’t match, it’s not going to hamper your style.

If the color doesn’t match your real hair, Remy clip in hair extensions can be dyed

You get the chance to dye the Remy clip in hair extensions unlike various other brands designing and selling human hair clip-on extensions. Buy the color of your choice and dye the extensions, dry them, and easily use the clip on the wear anytime.

However, if the clip in human hair extensions shopping episode is making you confused, visit a salon to have a few words with an expert that understands hair better. Despite that, you can contact the brand of your chosen clip in hair extensions for any further assistance.

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