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Ten Ways to Enjoy Time With Your Spouse

Although the time spent with your soul mate is always qualitative, whether it be the morning hug or the night kiss, long drive, or rendezvous. But sometimes, the relationship seems stuck in a rut. This happens because of the common banalities, hectic schedules, or higher stress. Don’t let ephemeral worries ruin your lifelong love.

Our editors have picked up the ten magic spells to enchant your matrimonial life with an envelope of giggles, laughter, and chuckles. The below-mentioned tricks would place the inseparable bond back to the love track. Have a try!

Schedule in tech-free moments

Although technology has been a great facilitator, and you relish the tech-fun frenzy after office time. Nonetheless, do you know that constant snubbing or phubbing could deteriorate your bond with the spouse? To make your moments memorable and bond inseparable:

  • Do celebrate a tech-free day.
  • Switch off all gadgets, cut off the WiFi waves, and go down to the basics.
  • Stare your spouse’s face instead of the gadget’s glitters; believe us, you will find more glimmer!

Break a sweat in the gym together

Workout boosts up the testosterone levels, hence activating the “be happy” mechanism, you become more interested in your life partner. Research has also proved that couples do optimal workouts together as compared to solo flight. When you spend time in the gym together, rapport, teamwork, and empathy enthrall the relationship. Besides the gym, you may also join the yoga sessions or hit your bikes for the biking trails. Whatever the teamwork is, the end goal would be a happy couple.

The way to the spouse’s heart is through the stomach

Bottle up the whisky, play on some romantic tunes, and hands on to the kitchen together. Spice dishes up and try something mouthwatering such as Cassoulet or Cherry Clafoutis, for the date night dinner.

The best part is that if all goes well, you would have a tasty meal to adorn your frantic candlelight dinner, or else you both would be sharing laughter. Love is in the air!

Many love things are not meant to be uttered by mouth but by implying silently between the morsels, under the shades of burning candles. It would help if you tried a date night dinner with your spouse to see how the magic works.

If you have wards, do assign them to a babysitter or a close friend before. The date night should be enjoyed in total isolation of the external brisk world. The forks and spoons would dance merrily.

Get high on the weekend with Delta 8 THC

Delta 8 THC is a legal aromatic vaping fuel that sucks up the fatigue in a single fell swoop. Your thoughts jingle, stress vanishes, and you both become freaky enough to share the love and pain. Delta 8 THC is healthier than cigarette smoking and does not get you high.

You both remain composed to share the love optimally. You also don’t skip scattered thoughts and engage your spouse under the pleasing aura of cannabinoids. Your words get mellifluous, and thoughts become rhythmic under the mild influence of Delta 8 THC.

Delta 8 THC is entirely different from Delta 9 THC that is considered a drug.

Netflix and chill

After marriage, it is not just the affection and love that keep the relationship alive—a constant dose of togetherness and intimacy waters the plant of love to prosper and bloom.

Sex is the fuel that boosts up the positive relationship manifold. Besides, the time together in bed reduces the stress, enriches marital status, and magnetizes both of you. THC wax along with Netflix can boost your mood a lot more.

Do chores, run errands

You may believe it or not, some of the best relationship igniting tricks could be a way to the grocery shop. This is a two-edged sword; you lessen each other’s work burden and solidify the same vein’s love bond.

You may also run errands and do simple house chores together. You become a mentor to each other in one way or another. The chores among the frequent bouts of hugs, kisses, and fondling would make your time memorable. The home charms up, and your hearts chime in.

Teach something, Learn something

Another way to build rapport with your soulmate is to instruct something. This way, you mold other’s personalities in the same mold you want. Learning sessions could be by reading a book aloud together, watching Youtube tutorials, and doing some hands-on practicals.

The learning paradigms are galore; the sky above is the limit. You may learn or teach whatever clicks your heart. It could be simple calligraphy to the resolution of complicated algorithms. Learning is the fountain that sprouts the elixir of love. The love that chugs off your matrimonial bogey.

Raise goosebumps together

If any trick does not work on you and your love life is still not reinvigorated to that height during the honeymoon phase. Turn to the idiot box and try His House or Eli sequels on Netflix. The freaking sights would raise the goosebumps, and your spouse might come under your arm with a shivering body and yelling posture.

This is a time to console and pacify him or her. The fear would quickly replace pure love.

Play the games

Play the game and win the spouse’s heart. The game could be a video, board, or card game. Play whatever incites you and your loved one. The ultimate goal is to plant the seed of love into the fertile terrain of the heart.

Playing together also develops teamwork and healthy cooperation. If you win the game, his or her cute, annoying gestures will broaden your lips, stretching to the ears. In case of losing the battle, you would be a laughing stock for other’s amusement. Just enjoy the passing moments!

You may also throw down the gauntlet with a pillow fight. Pillow fighting is high-fi fun to extract the maximum laughter and giggles. Your matrimonial life is not meant to be serious all the time. Allocate some time for silly stuff and see the lovable, funny side of your partner.

Have some gossip

Nice compliments are piercing arrows of Cupid’s quiver that infuse your spouse’s heart with brimming love. The words do the trick. To prepare the arena, you must sit together and discuss the love tales.

Ensure that this gossip session does not mean finding out the skeletons from the cupboard or debating the philosophical flashpoints. The talk should be of basic level and pointed directly towards your spouse, such as talking about the pet, weather, so on and so forth.

Let’s pack up the love luggage

We are pretty sure that these spot-on tricks would sprinkle the banal matrimonial life with the downpour of immersive love. The perspectives would change, and the same partner would be an idol. You need to pick the most feasible choice from the list, and here you go!


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