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How to Make Your Wedding Day Fun for Guests

So the time has come to plan your big day and with all the excitement of wedding bells in the air, getting around to everything can sometimes be stressful and confusing. There are so many things to consider, plan for, organize and decide on and one of the most important aspects of anyone’s wedding is of course the guests. Every bride and groom want to make sure that their guests, sharing on their special day, also have a great time but sometimes it is difficult to meet all the expectations.

We have put together a list of some fun things to consider adding to your wedding day which will surely bring on entertainment, laughter, and fun to your wedding day and for your guests. Thinking outside of the box can always bring a personal touch and help create a memorable day that you and your guests will never forget. Take a look at some of these fun ideas to incorporate into your pre-drinks or reception and feel the excitement creep on in.

Photo Booth

There is always the awkward time after the ceremony and just before the reception begins where guests are lead into a waiting area for some pre-drinks while waiting for the bride and groom to return from a photoshoot or their official signing, so why not keep your guests entertained or let them entertain themselves with a good old fashioned photo booth station. This has been a favorite with many weddings and special occasions as it allows guests to get into the fun spirit with friends or their dates whilst also providing them with a souvenir from your special day. There are all sorts of photo booth setups to choose from whether it be with quirky props or weird and funky backdrops. This is always a crowd-pleaser and can certainly pass the time for guests while they wait for their bride and groom to join in on the fun.

Entertaing Cocktil Bar

It isn’t unusual to have a cocktail bar or station at your wedding but a fun way to make it entertaining for your guests is to get some trained mixologists on board too. Mixologists are trained in not only making great-tasting cocktails on the spot but watching them flare and juggle can be a great show too. Get your guests into the festive and celebratory spirit with some all-time favorite cocktails on the menu and perhaps even have the mixologists mix up a special and unique cocktail that symbolizes your wedding and guests can put in their submissions for what the cocktail should be named. This can easily turn into a fun way for guests to participate in making a signature cocktail which will always remind them and you of your special day. The guest with the best name for your wedding signature cocktail can either win a prize or simply be known and always remembered for giving you a wonderful and treasured gift – wrapped up in a great tasting cocktail.

Live Music

A wedding or special event will never truly be complete without some great music and although some prefer to only use a DJ or pre-loaded background music, many wedding couples have opted to have a live band or artist perform at their wedding. Whether it be for pre-drinks or during the reception, having live music is always great to create a vibe as well as provide your guests with a show. You could even mix it up and have a live artist or musician perform some subtle harp melodies during the welcoming and then move on up to a more lively and party feel band to get everyone into the party mood. After all, your wedding day is a great big party to celebrate your love.

Outdoor Games

If you are looking for out-of-the-box and creative ways to keep your guests entertained as well as add a light-hearted touch to your special day, then why not consider some fun outdoor games for everyone to join in on and play. There are so many different types of games you can incorporate into your day such as a game of giant Jenga or chess or perhaps or even a good old-fashioned treasure hunt.

If you are not sure what games would suit your venue or your personal style, then why not read up on various outdoor games at Gamequarium and find out thorough reviews and descriptions which games would work and bring on the fun for your wedding guests to enjoy.

There are so many awesome and fun ways to entertain your guests and the more you research, the more you will find on how people have turned their wedding day into one that will never be forgotten.

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