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Boho Christmas: Decor Ideas & Tricks

Boho style has been inspired by travelers, actors, writers, and other free-spirited individuals. Homes that have adopted the bohemian style are eclectic and possess vintage pieces from the 1950s, ’60s, or ’70s. This exotic and rule-breaking style has been around for decades, and it seems it is not going anywhere. Boho decor combines things that are relaxed and unusual. If your place is a typical Boho home, it surely features many colors, patterns, and textures. Although Christmas decorations are also very colorful and shiny, it is safe to say that typical ornaments do not really agree with the whole Boho trend. Shimmering garlands, wreaths, and tree ornaments do not usually come in earthy tones Boho is famous for, so if you want to decorate your home for the holidays without disrupting the balance in your house, you will have to be creative. Do not worry, making Christmas decorations in Boho style isn’t that complicated, doesn’t take long and in the end, you will have an amazing tree. So, let’s begin.

Its majesty the tree

If you love baking Christmas cookies, you probably have a lot of cinnamon sticks and dried fruit lying around. That is great, since you can use them to decorate your beautiful tree. You can also use fabric and natural blooms to make ornaments shaped as dream catchers. Dark orange ornaments combined with pastel beads, large tassels, and lights will make your tree stand out and blend in at the same time. If you do not want to have a traditional tree, you can make one from pampas grass and snowy branches, and then decorate it with petals and ribbons. It is cheap, easy, and creative! Natural elements are the essence of the Boho style, and nowadays you can easily buy or even make wooden ornaments for your tree. Combining greenery with wooden beads and snowflakes, greenery, and gold ornaments will turn your tree into a Boho queen. One of our favorite ways to decorate a tree is with pinecones (imagine that!), large orange wooden beads, white tassels, dream catcher ornaments, and lights. With some Boho pillows under it, your tree will be ready for Christmas day. In case you are a fan of anything colorful and you want your tree to be as vibrant as possible, go with bright pompom garlands tassels, macramé, and various yarn décor. On the other hand, if you want a more down to earth approach, you can decorate only with metallic ornaments and one large white tassel garland and your tree will look elegant yet Boho all the way.

Photo by Any Lane from PexelsChristmas decor

After your tree is done, it is time to decorate the rest of your house. When you see the collection of uniquely carved skulls it is easy to imagine where they should be hung in your home, but deciding which ornaments would preserve that Boho spirit might be tricky. To create a Boho Christmas ambiance in your living room decorate the mantel with branches, colorful pompoms, and 3D paper trees. Create a garland out of dried citrus, leaves, and beads and hang it wherever you want – on the door, the bookcase, or the stair railing. You can also use yarn to make interesting Boho tribal ornaments shaped as dream catchers and hang them on the wall. Instead of keeping books, candles, or a vase with flowers on your living room coffee table, decorate it with a large glass jar full of colorful, whimsy, and fun Christmas ornaments.

Wreath for your door

The first decoration your guests will see when they arrive at your place is the wreath on your front door, so make it as Boho as possible. If you prefer gentle colors, make a wreath of pastel pompoms, wooden beads, several smaller tassels, and one larger tassel. For those who are true hippies, a wreath in the shape of a peace sign is ideal. Create it from branches, leaves, and flowers you find in your garden, so you don’t have to spend a penny on it.

Boho is about breaking the rules, so feel free to decorate your home any way you want, and do not feel obligated to follow any guidelines. Have fun!

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