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5 Myths About Sex & Aging

Although the subject of sex is not as taboo as it used to be, people can still have some misconceptions about sex and aging. Let’s explore five of the most common myths and find out why they are not true.

1. Older People Do Not Have Sex

The younger you are, the more you will probably believe the myth that older people do not have sex. But the older you get and the more you begin to notice how quickly the decades disappear, the more you will realize your sexual feelings do not go away. Although it is true that libidos can lessen and there can be physical issues like a reduction in the quality of an erection or the lubrication of the vagina, older people still have sex and enjoy it. If you are still young and believe sex is only for the youth, you are sure to see your opinion change the older you get. And if you are already a little long in the tooth, you will already know that sex can be as enjoyable and satisfying as it has always been.

2. Men Cannot Get Erections When They Become Older

A common myth is that men cannot get erections when they become old. Although it is true that an older man’s erection will usually not be in the same league as a 20-year-old’s, it can typically still do what it needs to do. Indeed, according to a study by AARP, 75% of men over the age of 70 said they had few erectile problems. But even when men do have an issue, there are ways of solving the problem. One of the most well-known treatments is Viagra, which you can get from It is clinically proven to work and is used by millions of men the world over. Simply take a pill about an hour before you want to have sex, and voila! Furthermore, Viagra works for about four hours, so there is no need to rush. Other options for erectile dysfunction include shots, pumps, and implants.

3. Older Women Have Physical Problems That Prevent Sex Too

Although the menopause can indeed cause vaginal dryness, it does not stop older women from having and enjoying sexual intercourse. Simple silicone-based lubricants will usually solve the problem. There are also estrogen-based creams available. And because the walls of the vagina can become thinner, the older women get, all that is needed is a little more foreplay to get the blood moving around the genitalia.

4. Older People Can Hurt Themselves During Sex Because Their Bodies Are More Fragile

Sure, bodies become more fragile and weak the older they become. But regardless of health conditions, everyone can enjoy sex at any age. When older people have more fragile bodies, it is easy to work around the problem by trying out different sex positions.

5. Old Bodies Are Not Sexy

You may feel that older bodies are not sexy when you are young. But by the time you have an aging body yourself, you will have forgotten that you once thought aged bodies were not sexually stimulating. Just because older bodies may have a few more wrinkles and sags, it does not mean people cannot look and feel sexy. Remember, enjoying sex is not just about looking at a pleasing body. It is about how good it feels to caress someone passionately. That does not change when you get older. And when you connect with someone on more than just a physical basis, sex is always more powerful and enjoyable. No one needs a perfect body to enjoy sex, regardless of age.

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